Zionsville Showchoirs presents “Finale” 2023!

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April/May 2023

Feel the energy and get your tickets, because you are not going to want to miss this year’s “Finale”! This annual fundraiser for Zionsville Showchoirs, Inc., consists of three, in-person, LIVE shows (Friday, 5/12 @ 7 p.m., Sat 5/13 @ 2 p.m., and Sat 5/13 @ 7 p.m.). It will be held at The Star Bank Performing Arts Center at Zionsville Community High School. Seating is limited, and tickets will be sold for $18.00/each. 

Zionsville Showchoirs presents “Finale” 2023!

This is ZSI’s largest fundraiser of the year and will consist of individual and group songs learned throughout this year. In addition to purchasing in-person tickets for the LIVE shows, there is also an option to Live-Stream any of the shows in real time. Both in-person and Live-Stream tickets can be purchased at zionsvillepac.ludus.com, and donations can be made online.

Why It’s Important to Support ZSI

ZSI is comprised of a membership of parents of the students who are participating members of the Zionsville Show Choirs. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

The Zionsville Show Choirs (Choralaires & Royalaires) are ensembles dedicated to achieving excellence in the professional, musical and performance aspects of a “show ensemble.” This student experience requires the expertise of trusted educators, the nurturing support of family and the financial contribution of those who choose to invest in the values of our youth through this performing arts activity.

Wrapping Up the Season on a High Note at Disney World!

ZSI co-directors Sam Chenoweth and Deana Broge spoke about the extraordinary competition season and an unforgettable experience in “The Wonderful World of Disney.” They also shared how grateful they are to the entire community for its unwavering support — financial and volunteer — as they prepare for their annual fundraiser and season finale.

ionsville Showchoirs presents “Finale” 2023!
Zionsville Showchoirs presents “Finale” 2023!

“We’ve had a great season,” Chenoweth expressed. “We saw some tough competition everywhere we went. And we put together some exciting shows and started well, right out of the gate. We were excited to end in Orlando on such a high note with both groups. The part where they were leaping into the pool while most of them were fully clothed was quite comical. It was a good season, and we’re excited to round it out with the ‘Finale,’ as usual.”

Broge added, “I don’t think people always understand that Indiana is a hotbed for nationally competitive show choirs. We’re thankful to still be in that mix and it is exciting to be in an area where show choirs thrive on a national level.”

Zionsville Showchoirs presents “Finale” 2023!

Both Chenoweth and Broge reiterated how it really does take the Zionsville village to make the ZSI program successful.

“There’s a lot of factors that help make our kids successful,” Chenoweth stated. “Obviously, we’re going to set them up with exciting content that’s different. But beyond the staff side of it, there is an army of parents in different roles that help with everything from the finance stuff to providing meals on rehearsal days and providing goody bags for competitions … there’s all kids of jobs that make the whole experience what it is for the kids. We’re definitely grateful for all of that.”

Broge concurred, “The ZSI board is constantly asking what we need and how can they support us, and we can’t thank them enough for all of their long volunteer hours.”

The support from the business community and from sponsors is equally important to the ZSI program and contributes to the kind of competition opportunities the student performers have. Case and point, with the support of the Zionsville community, the show choirs were able to end the competition season at Disney World and then they enjoyed a well-deserved couple of days of R&R.

“We partnered with Music Travel and put together a trip that was voted on last year,” Broge shared. “We continued to fundraise throughout the year to help students have a really great time at Disney. We competed there at Heart of America and saw some great [show choir] competition. After the competition, we spent a couple of days at the parks just to enjoy ourselves on a job well done. We hopefully created some lifetime memories with our Zionsville family.”

When asked his thoughts on the 2023–24 show choir season, Chenoweth thoughtfully replied, “We are going to continue to focus on what we’ve got going but also on expanding and trying new exciting things. We want to keep giving the kids the best experience possible, which is what’s at the root of it all. We want to continue giving them as much as we can and the best that we can.”