Zionsville Showchoirs, Inc. Presents: FINALE!

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April 2021

I am excited to report that this year’s Finale, presented by Zionsville Showchoirs, Inc. (ZSI), will offer its students both an opportunity to perform three LIVE shows at Star Bank Performing Arts Center and a livestream option for its audiences!

Zionsville Showchoirs Finale

This annual fundraiser for the Zionsville Showchoirs was deeply impacted by the onset of the pandemic this time last year, and the lack of a “normal” school year took an emotional toll on the exceptional show choir kids and directors that pour their hearts and souls into their competition seasons, holiday home tours and, of course, the end of the year finale event that has become an annual tradition for many folks in our community.

With that said, I spoke with ZSI co-directors Sam Chenoweth and Deana Broge about the journey to the end of this year, the students’ incredible exhibition of perseverance and how we—the community—can help cap off this school year with a deafening applause and financial gifts to assist with next year’s show choir programs.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

The current plan that is awaiting final approval by the Boone County Health Department (subject to change) is for ZSI to host three live shows with limited seating and a livestream link that will run simultaneously with the live shows. Given that seating will be limited, the family members will likely want to see the performances in person, and the general public is encouraged to enjoy the shows from the comfort of their homes. But expect nothing less than a riveting production from the tech crew!

Zionsville Showchoirs Finale

“Right now, our plan is to have three live shows, knowing that our audiences will likely be limited or smaller than we normally have in a traditional year,” Broge shared. “But it’s definitely better than what we had last year, so we are very grateful for that!”

The performance dates are Friday, May 14 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, May 15 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Chenoweth added, “We’re not going to download the livestream where it stays up [on the site] for ‘X’ amount of time. People will be able to tune in for one of the two shows and watch it at the same time as the live audiences. The price for tickets is the same for both the in-person and livestream shows to help with the fundraiser. We’ve got lots more video equipment—and multiple cameras for a variety of angles and close-ups—and it’s a pretty fancy rig they [the crew] have, so even if you purchase tickets for the livestream, it will be pretty impressive.”

Zionsville Showchoirs Finale

Acknowledging the Silver Linings                                     

Broge expressed, “I think everyone is very grateful for an in-person concert, but I think, specifically, the seniors are very thankful that they can perform on stage again for people. I think we just need to really celebrate this crazy year with a—hopefully—very exciting finale weekend with their families. And we should celebrate their resilience through whatever was thrown at them. No matter how disappointed they’ve been, they’ve stayed on course and learned to adapt. Hopefully, they’re going to take some skills with them after high school on how to cope and adapt in other areas of their lives. I just can’t say enough about the senior class and how hard they’ve worked to cultivate a sense of community for the other classmen throughout a pretty difficult year.”

Chenoweth added, “They rose to the challenge in the same way they would have had we had a ‘traditional’ year and competition season. I think that took a lot of personal commitment on their parts when they could have just ‘checked out’ and said, ‘It is what it is,’ settling for mediocrity. But they didn’t settle for that.”

I am personally calling on all of my readers to consider purchasing a ticket for either the in-person or livestream shows or to make a donation—no matter how large or small—and join me in supporting these remarkable students and ensuring that they have the same or even more opportunities next year.

And as Broge so eloquently stated, “It is a blessing to live in a community that continues to support the arts in all facets. The community supports these high-quality experiences for their kids even when they don’t have children in the programs. And we are so very grateful.”

To purchase tickets, please visit zionsvillepac.org/events. Tickets are advance purchase and are $17.50 for both in-person and livestreaming performances.