Zionsville Showchoirs End the Year on a High Note!

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March 2022

We are pleased to acknowledge the Zionsville Showchoirs (Choralaires and Royalaires) for their achievements this competition season and for upholding the tradition of excellence and professionalism—especially coming off a challenging period, throughout the pandemic, where the competition seasons were less than typical, to say the least.

Zionsville Showchoirs End

ZSI Brought Home the Bling!

I spoke with ZSI (Zionsville Show Choirs, Inc.) directors Deana Broge and Sam Chenoweth about what this season meant to them and to the students, as well as what attendees can expect at this year’s ZSI Finale, taking place in person May 13–14 at Star Bank Performing Arts Center in Zionsville.

“We were happy to be back into a more familiar place, meeting with other schools and students,” Chenoweth expressed. “The kids got to watch other groups, and the camaraderie piece of it was good, so I’d say, all in all, it was a very fun season for us and the kids.”

The showchoirs were able to compete in a more “normal” environment this season and without masks.

Both Broge and Chenoweth expressed their gratitude for being able to return to prepandemic traditions and for being able to see the kids’ smiling faces again.

“It was good for us to be able to remind the kids that this is such a gift this year,” Broge shared. “And we wanted to make sure that they were being intentional and living in the moment because of the last year and a half. We emphasized having an attitude of gratitude for all the things that come with the competition show season.”

Chenoweth added, “Combo is very proud that they were undefeated this year, and both groups had two grand championships and two first runners-up! We saw lots of groups this year, so the placements were tough to earn, but they did it.”

ZSI Finale 2022

Both directors expressed their excitement for this year’s finale, which will look, sound and feel more like a traditional ZSI Finale. The seating is only limited this year due to the ongoing construction and not because of COVID-19 restrictions!

As Broge pointed out, this year’s seniors have never experienced a “normal” finale.

Broge added, “We didn’t have a finale their sophomore year, and last year was in person but we were masked. So, this year’s finale is going to feel good, exciting and new to everybody.”

The ZSI Finale will present three shows: one on Friday and two on Saturday. Chenoweth added that because they are not being bogged down with restrictions, the possibilities from a creative and production standpoint are nearly boundless.

“We are looking forward to planning without restrictions,” Chenoweth emphasized. “All the possibilities are back open with regards to what we want to do and how we want to do it creatively, so that is exciting to have all options open again.”

It Takes a Village

As the 2021–22 school year comes to a close, both Chenoweth and Broge wanted to express their sincere appreciation for the support from individuals and local businesses who have invested in ZSI over the years and especially during the pandemic. The finale is ZSI’s largest fundraising event of the year, and obviously the pandemic deeply impacted ZSI’s ability to raise the funds that they historically would have that support the showchoir competition season and ZSI’s programs.

Broge added, “We’d like to thank the incredible work of our ZSI board and parent group, as well as the community that continues to wrap their arms around us, support us and help us in so many ways. We are just very appreciative.”

As a community, we may not be able to directly impact what is happening throughout the world, but we can continue to support our local schools, the local arts and our children. By investing in our community, it will continue to make us a stronger and healthier community as we plan for tomorrow.

Tickets for this year’s ZSI Finale are $18 each for in-person and livestream tickets. Tickets go on sale on April 29, 2022 and can be purchased at zionsvillepac.ludus.com.

For more information on ZSI and to make tax-deductible donations, visit zchoirs.com.