Zionsville Middle School Proudly Presents: ‘The Addams Family’

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Zionsville Middle School (ZMS) is pleased to present “The Addams Family” this March! The production was originally scheduled to open in 2020 and was canceled as a result of the pandemic shutdowns. I spoke with the directors Michele Boehm and Rebecca Osgood and two of the leading cast members about how cathartic it’s been rehearsing and will be performing for live, in-person audiences. We also discussed how much fun the student actors, crew, staff and parent volunteers are having bringing a theatrical favorite to Zionsville.

ZMS The Addams Family

Portraying One of America’s Iconic Fictitious Families

Two of the lead cast members, Dylan Acquaviva and Liv Keslin, are no strangers to local community theater. Both are bringing their exceptional talents to this musical as Gomez Addams and Wednesday Addams.

When asked how they are developing their respective characters, Keslin shared, “I love Wednesday because she is so dark and mysterious, but then she has a side where she’s a hopeless romantic, and that really fits me. I love singing, and [Wednesday] has to belt and I love belting, so I like that part. I usually just watch the Addams Family movies, and she always had no emotion, but then when I watched the musical clips on YouTube, I realized that she actually has a side where she loves someone, and I was like ‘Whoa!’ I bring my energy into it when she’s excited, and I bring my sadness into it when she’s upset.”

Acquaviva added, “Gomez is kind of flirtatious and comical. I really like the role of Gomez—it’s really fun. He wants what’s best for everybody, but he also has a hidden side where he doesn’t always tell the truth, especially with one secret that you’ll figure out in the show. The show is really funny and has lots of comedy. I love how Gomez carries around a sword like it’s nothing—no big deal—so there’s that kind of comedy, and it’s mysterious and filled with romance—middle school-appropriate romance!”

While these two are enjoying the experience of making these characters their own, they gave a sincere shoutout to their fellow cast and crew members, recognizing the importance of everyone’s participation and dedication to putting on an outstanding production.

The show’s co-directors and ZMS choir directors Boehm and Osgood could not be prouder of the entire cast and crew for their efforts and energy they are bringing to the show.

Michele Boehm and Rebecca Osgood

“We are so blessed to have the kids and parents that we have,” Boehm expressed. “They have worked so hard and are so dedicated. They chose to do this, so it’s a choice and it’s their passion. Part of what we’ve missed [these last two years] is being able to train the kids in some of these leadership roles, [especially with regards to crew] and being able to get that culture back. It’s definitely been a year of rebuilding things.”

Boehm added, “It was not hard for us to cast this show. Everybody pretty much fit exactly where we needed them to, and they had done their research when they came in to audition. They were ready and had the background on their characters and some really good song choices. We’re blown away sometimes by their professionalism.”

Dylan Acquaviva and Liv Keslin

Mikaili Patterson and Jackson Duncan

Casey Streepey and Thomas Murray

Allison Bowman and Anne Roberts

Jonas Viskanta and Rowan Zabel

Osgood emphasized the positive impact that working on this production has had on the students.

“Being in community with each other and having these opportunities is important to their social and emotional health,” Osgood said. “They all kind of knew each other and were friends before, but having that core group of friends that you’ll see after school every day that you get to support—they’re excited to have that again and to have someone smile at them at rehearsal every day.”

Boehm added, “The emotional and social well-being, you can’t put a price on that. This [production] is helping them heal and helping us [the adults] heal. I think we learn as much from our students as they learn from us—if not more.”

When asked why the community should rally and come fill the seats on March 20 and March 21, Osgood said, “I think it’s hilarious and it’s even funnier coming out of the mouths of 12-year-olds!”

Boehm concluded, “Come have fun moving in your seats and watching these kids take us all back to our childhoods while making magic onstage again!”

Tickets are available at the door prior to showtimes. The dates are Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19. Friday’s showtime is 7 p.m., and there are two shows on Saturday: 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 per student and $8 per adult or $25 for a family in cash or checks made out to ZMS at the door, and there will be an opportunity to purchase candygrams, etc., for the cast and crew. Also, donations to the ZMS choir or musical fund can be made at the door and are sincerely appreciated.

ZMS The Addams Family