Zionsville Community High School Proudly Presents: “Rock of Ages”

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Dates: Nov. 16 – 18

Location: Star Performing Arts Center

ZCHS Choral & Musical Theater Director: Sam Chenoweth

Oct/Nov 2023

Zionsville High School Rock of Ages

This musical, which has been nominated for five Tony Awards, tells a story of romance, music and determination on the iconic Sunset Strip. It revolves around a small-town girl and a city boy who find love amid the rock ‘n’ roll scene. The plot takes an interesting turn when the rock-centric bar they love is threatened with demolition. To preserve both the venue and the music they cherish, the aspiring rockers and their friends must come together.

The musical is known for its energetic and electrifying score, featuring classic rock anthems and powerful ballads that defined the ’80s. Some of the notable songs you can expect to hear include “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” “I Wanna Know What Love Is,” “Here I Go Again,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” and many more.

“Rock of Ages” is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a trip back in time to the ’80s and relive the era’s iconic music. Don’t miss out on this exciting musical experience! Get your tickets at zionsvillepac.org!

Nina Abel [Senior] — Lonny Barnett

I am a huge music nerd, specifically 1980s music, so a lot of these songs I really liked before the musical and I’m loving the rock concert vibe that’s going on. We’re telling a really fun, good story, but I really like the focus on how each song is being interpreted in this musical. And I’m loving taking on this free-spirited character.

My favorite number of the moment is “[Come on] Feel the Noise,” which is the opening number. It’s a fun introduction to the show and it really tells the audience this is not a normal musical. You’re about to watch a rock concert with some dialogue! It’s a great way to feature the ensemble groups that we have and also introduce the specific characters. It’s just a lot of fun and it’s really good music. We’re having a really good time with it!

Anne Nooning [Junior] — Sherrie Christian

I love Sherrie so much! I love playing this character! She’s so excited and wide-eyed to be in this environment of pure music and rock. She’s so unlike anything I’ve ever played before. I can connect with her in the way that she’s young and loves music. The style of music — the ’80s rock style — is a challenge for me because it is unlike anything I’ve ever had to sing before. It’s very different from what I’m used to.

I really like “Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night.” It’s one I had not heard before this show, and I just love singing it. I hope the audience can connect to the music and experience it in a different way than they have before. And connect the story to it rather than just listening to the beat of the song, but to really understand what the songs mean when put into context.

Cole Sullivan [Junior] — Drew Boley

This is the first character that I’ve ever [played], and unlike Anne and Nina, who have both done so many musicals before, I have a clean slate. I don’t have any past characters that I kind of have to dust off and build something new again. I like that Drew is kind of my foundation, and I can relate to the guy so much. Drew is the guy who makes the cheesiest joke and is kind of a cornball.

I’m proud of the cast as a whole and how far everybody’s taking their parts — doing so much extra research. Every rehearsal is a step in the right direction. These are all classic songs, so I love that we’re keeping the tradition and also putting our own spin on it in the way that Zionsville [Community High School] always does.

Cast List

Lonny Barnett — Nina Abel

Drew Boley — Cole Sullivan

Sherrie Christian — Anne Nooning

Justice Charlier — Phoebe Sidebottom

Anita Bath — Claire Kauffman

Denise Dupree — Addie Coons

Stacee Jaxx — Matt Nelson

Hertz Klinemann — Matthew Orbaugh

Franz Klinemann — Thomas Murray

Janessa Gill — Clara Keiper

Mayor — Austin Lizama

Joey Primo — Darren Washington

Sherrie’s Father — Jonathan Fisher

Sherrie’s Mother— Eve Hodges

Constance Sack — (Carly Benner)

Waitresses/ Dancers

Chloe BeMiller

Dancers (Claire Kauffman)

*Savannah McCarthy

Ella Robinson

(Phoebe Sidebottom)

Meredith Stehr

Camille Twitchell


Chase Beck

(Jacob Craig)

(Jonathan Fisher)

Micah Hundley

(Austin Lizama)

(Darren Washington)

Mugger — (Jacob Craig)

Record Producer #1 — (Micah Hundley)

Record Producer #2 — (Chase Beck)


*Carly Benner

Maddie Callahan

Emma Foltz

Ashlynne Forbush

Libby Goben

Lauryn Herbon

Meredith Herbon

(Eve Hodges)

(Clara Keiper)

Ivey Lancaster

Lola Miles

Morgan Palanacki

Mikaili Patterson

Brooklyn Stockwell

Ivy Turnquist

Jackson Coleman

Jacob Craig

Austin Hartman

Tyler Mimms

Jonas Viskanta


Alyssa Bagley

Allison Bowman

Claire Casavant

Talia Diffendal

Eliza Graefinitz

Gabriella Greenberg

Claire Henkle

Marianne Moss

Anne Roberts

Ana Yiannoutsos

*denotes dance captains

(__) denotes multiple roles