Win Big for Helping the Humane Society for Boone County this Winter

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December 2022

For all of you animal lovers out there, we’ve got a contest for you! Zionsville Monthly is collaborating with the Humane Society for Boone County with the goal of raising money to help the cats and dogs of Boone County who can’t help themselves throughout this bitterly cold winter! We are also wanting to help HSforBC with the rising costs of food, supplies, vaccinations, medicines and spay/neuter services.

Win HSforBC donation contest

As a “thank you” for your generosity, the publishers of Zionsville Monthly will award the person/family who makes the largest donation between January 1 and January 31 a $300 gift certificate to Tony’s of Indianapolis!

Inflation Impacts Everyone

HSforBC Executive Director Susan Austin shared with Zionsville Monthly that although the renovations to the shelter are nearly complete and will address the space needs for the no-kill shelter to efficiently operate, the costs for supplies and services have greatly increased due to the inflationary climate of the nation’s economy.

Austin explained that HSforBC is extremely frugal and buys food and supplies on sale and in bulk whenever possible. When asked if she is struggling with supply chain issues, Austin replied, “There is a back order of some [supplies, so it’s slow, but we have enough distributors that if we can’t get from one, we can pivot and go to another, but it might cost us double. An example of a cost increase is the product that we use to sanitize the runs for the cats and dogs. It used to cost us $150 [per 5 gallons], and now it costs us $194.00.”

Win HSforBC donation contest

Austin continued, “Dry food has gone up 13 percent, and the cost of spay/neuter is going up. Low Cost Spay and Neuter [Clinic] has increased their prices, and we use their services 90 percent of the time because [they’re] so efficient and cost effective. There are cats and dogs that have to be [spayed or neutered] at a veterinarian’s office due to other chronic illnesses or issues, and that’s not cheap. The costs for vaccinations and surgeries have also increased between 15 and 18 percent.”

Additionally, the shelter’s utilities have also increased despite frugal budgeting.

Costs are Affecting the Pet Pantries

HSforBC understands there are times during which money just runs short. Instead of worrying about how to feed your pets, you can call them at 877-473-6722. One of their volunteers will be in contact with you to find out how many and what kind of pets you need help feeding. HSforBC can arrange for food delivery or pickup at the shelter.

In order for this critical community service to sustain this winter, Austin shared that they are in need of generous donors to help purchase the food — specifically cat food — at this time.

“We watch the sales and purchase in bulk when we can,” Austin said. “Pet pantry supplies [are] going to need to be supplemented by our generous residents and donors. We’ve had to miss a few [pantries] because we didn’t have enough food, and we’re having difficulty getting cat food.”

Austin explained that monetary donations are the best way to help support the pet pantry, as she is able to maximize the donations with bulk purchases. And it is worth noting that the HSforBC volunteers who run the animals to their appointments and deliver food and supplies to fosters and those in need do so on their own dime. They are not reimbursed for their gas or time. The donations go to the purchasing of supplies and services for the cats and dogs — not towards volunteers’ expenses.

Please Foster if You Can

HSforBC desperately needs fosters for the cats and dogs in their care and that continue to be surrendered to HSforBC.

Rather than leaving these helpless animals to fend for themselves in the bitter temps and winter conditions, Austin is pleading with like-minded folks to open their homes and give a safe and caring environment to a cat or dog that has been neglected or surrendered.

Austin added, “When you foster [an animal], you give hope back to them. And remember, adopt — don’t shop!”

Be Part of the Solution

As Boone County’s population continues to grow, so does the number of animals needing rescue and welfare. In 2021, the HSforBC took care of more than 600 cats and dogs, which maximized its resources. Expansion and renovations to HSforBC’s shelter facility were desperately needed to accommodate a fast-growing and never-ending demand.

If you donate on HSforBC’s website, it will go towards the needs of the shelter and to the needs of the helpless cats and dogs in its care.

Love Cats?

Then join the “Crazy Cat Catio Club” and help HSforBC fund shelter renovations for the cats! Your donation will go directly to the buildout of the new “Crazy Cat Catio” and renovated cattery area for HSFORBC’s future frisky felines.

Love Dogs?

Then the “K-9 Kennel Krew Klub” is just right for you, as your donation will help fund canine shelter renovations that include six new dog kennel isolation runs for future canine furry friends to run and play and be secure!

If you love cats AND dogs, you can certainly make a donation on behalf of each!

And remember, the highest donation between January 1 and January 31 will receive a $300 gift certificate to one of Indy’s finest dining establishments — Tony’s of Indianapolis, courtesy of Zionsville Monthly! The recipient will be announced on February 1, 2022, via the magazine’s and HSforBC’s social media!

Please join us in answering HSforBC’s call for help by making your donations and by fostering the cats and dogs in need! Visit for more information and to donate! For those who prefer to send a check, please send your gift to HSforBC at P.O. Box 708, Lebanon, IN, 46052.