West Clay Realty: Trusted and Proven Experts in Real Estate Open New Brokerage

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December 2020

It has been an impressive evolution for Carmel residents and real estate experts Joe Kempler and Scot Pollard who have recently gone out on their own and formed West Clay Realty. Amid a pandemic, the duo has generated nearly $25 million in real estate sales and are looking ahead at 2021 being another strong year in residential real estate.

The “Go-To” Team in the Village of WestClay

Over the years, Kempler has built his reputation for attention to detail, first-rate customer service and expertise on the Village of WestClay and the Carmel real estate markets. His reputation and Pollard’s recognition as a former NBA player and philanthropist have created a powerful and proven alliance that led the two former Encore Sotheby’s brokers to go out and create their own boutique brokerage in the heart of the Village of WestClay, where Kempler and Pollard both reside.

West Clay Realty

Kempler attributes his customers’ referrals and what he has learned from the different real estate brokerages he has been affiliated with to his continued success and his decision to branch out and reinstate West Clay Realty (an original endeavor) along with Pollard.

“We’ve been blessed with having a lot of people continue to come back to us and refer us over the years,” Kempler said. “I’ve been associated with three great [real estate] brands, and they’ve taught me a lot. Getting back to West Clay Realty—which is where I began my career in real estate—has been a fun evolution.”

The West Clay Realty office is conveniently located in the heart of the Village of West Clay at 1905 South New Market Street, Suite 165.

“We have moved our office around the corner from our previous location, just south of the Meeting House in the Village [of WestClay],” Pollard said. “As I’ve talked about in the past, when I was interviewing with different real estate companies, trying to find the best fit for me to begin my real estate career, I felt going with Joe [Kempler] was the best fit for me. While there was absolutely nothing wrong with our relationship with Encore [Sotheby’s], Joe and I simply felt that we wanted to have more control over our listings, our client portfolios and our future. I felt it was still a good fit for me to stay with Joe as he re-creates West Clay Realty, and it’s been a great decision.”

Pollard added, “Joe and I have developed a reputation of being your hometown Realtors. We live and work in the neighborhood, and while we also service our buyers/sellers in the surrounding areas, we do enjoy being the faces of real estate in West Clay.”

Real Estate Predictions for 2021

Kempler’s thoughts for the impending new year mirror what has transpired in the local real estate market throughout 2020—a most unprecedented year in all industries and for residential real estate in particular.

West Clay Realty

“Part of the success of the [residential real estate] market this year has been the result of a strong seller’s market,” Kempler shared. “There haven’t been that many homes on the market. I see that being the case going into next year. The feds have committed to keeping the interest rates low, and I think it will be another good market for residential real estate going into 2021.”

Pollard added, “In uncertain times such as these, there are predictors that make us feel confident that not only are we going to continue to be successful real estate brokers on our own but also that the market is going to continue to be strong, despite all the things that might otherwise be ‘alarming’ in a normal market.”

Kempler and Pollard’s confidence comes from experience, their understanding of the ebbs and flows of the local market and their empathy for what their clients’ need in their home environments during these challenging times where one’s home is truly a sanctuary for most.

Pollard added, “Our optimism comes from our confidence, and our confidence comes from preparation, work ethic and from doing the right things for our clients.”

West Clay Realty

An example of Kempler and Pollard’s customer-centric philosophy can be seen in their marketing initiatives. While building the West Clay Realty brand is important, it is secondary to promoting current inventory.

“Another thing that sets us apart is when we do advertising, our primary focus is on our customers and their properties,” Kempler said. “For instance, when we advertise in Carmel Monthly, we’re advertising the properties, and it’s mostly about the clients and less about us.”

Champions for Their Community

Kempler and Pollard epitomize the notion of “working, living and playing” in one’s community. Both contribute in meaningful ways to the community at large and especially to their neighborhood to help build stronger and healthier communities. For example, the duo donates a portion of every transaction to the MIBOR Foundation to help fight homelessness and sponsors an outdoor concert series in their neighborhood.

“A good portion of our engagement efforts goes towards community events,” Pollard said. “We have concerts in the Village every year. We were able to get ours in this year before everything was really locked down, and we look forward to continuing those going forward.”

Kempler added, “It’s been a tough year to get out and do the things that we wanted, but we’re going to have more of these events and community gatherings once it’s safe and practical to do so.”

If you are in the market to sell or buy a home in the Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville or Village of WestClay areas, contact Joe Kempler or Scot Pollard and let these experts be part of your moving plans in 2021!

Contact Joe Kempler at (317) 523-6405 or Scot Pollard at (317) 900-3500. Visit West Clay Realty at westclayrealtors.com.

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