Village Mattress Pairs With Local Artist Rob Schaefer t­o Support Local

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February 2021

Have you stopped into Village Mattress’ newly expanded space featuring Village Sofa and Design Center? If not, you may want to pop in and see for yourself what Village Mattress’ owner Chris Plopper has been up to these last couple of months!

We recently featured Plopper’s 4,000-square-foot showroom that brilliantly displays a couple of the industry’s most trusted, high-quality stationary and reclining furniture manufacturers: England and Southern Motion. When choosing one’s level of comfort and when deciding on what type of fabric and colors to bring a room’s decor all together, Plopper and his highly trained staff are happy to help their customers in the design center.

Local Supporting Local

In addition to furnishings for your home, Plopper is adding to his home accessories collection. He is excited to announce his partnership with Zionsville resident and artist Rob Schaefer. Schaefer is a member of the board of directors of the SullivanMunce Cultural Center and former owner/photographer at Schaefer’s Studio in Zionsville.

Plopper shared that he met Schaefer when he first opened Village Mattress, and the two have developed a friendship over the years.

Village Mattress Rob Schaefer

“I called Rob up and said, ‘Hey, I see you’ve got all this art, and I’ve got a home for it if you want to bring it in,’ and it all came together,” Plopper said. “Additionally, I’m working with a central Indiana resident who’s doing some tables with solid slabs of walnut and resin. We just commissioned him to produce some pieces for us. I’m trying to get some local people involved as much as I possibly can.”

Embellish Your Home or Office With Local Art

Adorning the walls of Plopper’s showroom are a little over 20 pieces of Schaefer’s original art.

“Rob does quality work,” Plopper expressed. “Most of what he’s brought in is impressionistic work, and they’re really cool pieces that will fit any decor and any taste. Art is so individual, and people appreciate different things, so hopefully this [collection] will resonate well with my clients and they will buy lots of Rob’s pieces.”

Schaefer added, “I’m not a huge fan of super-realistic art just because we have cameras for that type of thing. And you know, I did a lot of that for a long time. Even though I can appreciate that [kind of art], when I paint, I want to infuse it with some emotion, motion and psychological messages.”

I asked Schaefer to explain what this particular collection of his art means to him and to share what inspires him to create with this medium of art. Anyone familiar with his photography from back in the day is already familiar with his thought and emotion-evoking creations.

“For me, it’s the holistic Catholic idea of being a little grain of sand on the beach and being a tiny part of something that’s bigger than ourselves,” Schaefer expressed. “I’m really trying to use this chapter [of my life] to continue that idea and help local businesses like Chris’ and help organizations like the Boone County Humane Society, the Alzheimer’s organization and the Parkinson’s foundation by reaching out and donating myself or my art.”

Village Mattress Rob Schaefer

Schaefer concluded, “If there’s any type of group—especially a hyperlocal group—that needs fundraising help, I’d be willing to use my art and connections to help them out.”

So, again, if you have not already stopped into Village Mattress to see all that’s new—take some time to peruse Plopper’s showroom and a sampling of Schaefer’s exquisite original paintings.

Be sure to follow Schaefer on Facebook and Instagram at RSchaeferArt and visit his website at

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