Traders Point Carriage Presents: The Caring Carriage During Christmas in the Village

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November 2019

In addition to all of the holiday splendor that Christmas in the Village has to offer in the heart of Zionsville, Traders Point Carriage has teamed up with Cobblestone and Zionsville Monthly for a unique fundraising opportunity that will benefit the Humane Society for Boone County (HSforBC).

Tom Santelli, founder/owner at Traders Point Carriage and a Boone County commissioner, launched his authentic carriage rides this summer, and along with his magnificent steed, Polo, the pair have provided leisurely rides in Boone County for special events.

Traders Point Carriage Presents

This Christmas in the Village opening weekend—Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1, Santelli and Polo will be providing a special ride in the Christmas in the Village Parade for adults and children who are just as passionate about fundraising for important and worthwhile nonprofit organizations, such as HSforBC, who’s charged with caring and providing for the lost or abandoned animals of Boone County.

The individuals who generously donated for this incredible opportunity will ride along in Santelli’s gorgeous carriage—licensed and roadworthy—with the other parade participants and enjoy a very unique and memorable vantage point on the town’s beloved Christmas Parade as it winds its way through the historic village homes and downtown district.

It is an image that depicts the holiday spirit and sense of community that Norman Rockwell would have likely endorsed.

Traders Point Carriage will also be offering half-hour rides after the parade and again on the following day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The carriage pickup and drop-off will be in front of Cobblestone, and HSforBC will have a hot cocoa station available for purchase in front of the restaurant as well.

The fees for the half-hour carriage rides are $25 per adult and $15 per child. One hundred percent of the funds raised from the parade riders, carriage rides and cocoa station will go to HSforBC and will be used for necessities to feed, care and house the animals this winter season.

Santelli shared why he wanted to partner up with his co-sponsors and create a meaningful and memorable experience while contributing to the powerful magic that Christmas in the Village creates every year.

“It’s really simple,” Santelli said. “For me, it’s about bringing magical moments and unforgettable memories to the community. The experience is kind of like the Japanese art of forest bathing—shinrin-yoku—or ‘taking in the forest atmosphere.’ It is a grounding experience that is so soul lifting and inspiring. People who have never ridden in a carriage before describe their first experience as magical and indescribable in terms of the connection that they had with everything around them. It’s life slowed down. You’re not zipping around with everything in a blur. You ride at the clip-clop pace of the horse, listening to the sound of the sleigh bells in an open carriage, connecting with your environment and with people walking along the street. It’s something that you just don’t forget.”

Traders Point Carriage Presents

Susan Austin, director of animal welfare at HSforBC, shared what the shelter is especially in need of this winter season and the myriad of ways that people can help should they be interested but are unable to participate in the carriage rides.

“What would really help us get through the winter season is cat litter or gift cards to Menard’s, where we buy cat litter cheap, or even Pet Valu,” Austin shared. “There are times we need to get specialized food for the animals too because some have food allergies. People can visit our Amazon Wish List online as well. Just browse by cause, and it is under Humane Society for Boone County. They can even go to PayPal and donate that way. For people who want to make a donation that lasts more than a lifetime, they can donate to our endowment that is held by the Community Foundation of Boone County.”

Austin mentioned that HSforBC will also be participating in “Giving Tuesday” on December 3, 2020, for those who are looking for ways to give to the critters this holiday season.

“Critters are a big part of our lives,” Austin expressed. “They are our companions, and we always reach out and remember our friends during the holidays, but it’s good to remember that some of our critters need a friend after the holidays too.”

For a list of upcoming events and ways to donate directly to HSforBC, please visit