Tracy Wright Team: Experts in Real Estate With Decades of Experience

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September 2021

The Tracy Wright Team are a founding member at Encore Sotheby’s International Realty with more than 40 years of combined real estate experience. Led by Zionsville resident Tracy Wright, the team has earned numerous awards and is consistently recognized as one of the top producers in the industry. Tracy Wright Team is also consistently ranked in the top 1% of Realtors in MIBOR REALTOR Association.

Wright shared in her own words what her journey to becoming one of the top real estate producers has been like and, now that she and her team have a local office on Main Street in downtown Zionsville, she discussed how they are maximizing their office space. Additionally, Wright pointed out the qualities that make her and her team distinguishable from other firms and real estate teams.

Tracy Wright Team

The Journey to Becoming a Real Estate Powerhouse Team

Wright moved to Zionsville in 1989 with her mother, Becky Newman, and her stepfather Dr. Dan Newman. Wright graduated from Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and from Indiana University with a degree in early childhood.

“Right out of college, I student taught overseas for a short time, and then I came home and took a teaching job here in Indy,” Wright said. “I taught for six years, and then I got married to my husband, Tom. And when we had our daughter and son, I felt like I wanted to stay home and be as hands on as I could for those first few years.”

While her husband Tom was gaining extensive experience with sales and working with vendors representing a litany of trades, Wright was building upon her skillsets while working in independent sales from home and raising their young children. Upon honing her natural sales abilities during that time period, it wasn’t a huge leap for Wright when she decided to become a real estate agent. Having grown up around the industry, Wright had a firm grasp of what being in the real estate industry was like. Her mother started several title companies in the area and had been in title insurance ever since Wright was a small child. Wright’s mother and maternal grandparents work in and around real estate. And her grandfather started a local commercial brokerage division and was an auctioneer. So, it [real estate] was in her DNA, so to speak.

A Purposeful Vocation

“I love helping people and found that there are lots of different needs that people have—and are all at different stages of life,” Wright shared. “There may be a job change or a death in the family, a financial crisis, divorce or [they] are just downsizing. There are all different reasons that cause someone to move—some more positive than others—but I have always felt that if there’s an opportunity to chip in and help, to be resourceful and to provide somebody with a peaceful journey through whatever it is they’re going through, it’s a great feeling, and I enjoy doing it.”

Wright and her team members that include her husband Tom, mother Becky [Newman] and Diane Muench, have developed relationships with their clients and believe they are not above helping their clients with things that might typically go above and beyond the expected duties of a real estate agent.

“I’m pretty hands on,” Wright expressed. “I may be helping [clients] with touching up paint, moving furniture, packing boxes or whatever needs to be done to help the sale go smoothly, and that helps my clients get to the other side and through their closing.”

Wright continued, “I have had opportunities that have given me a lot of experiential knowledge and that isn’t necessarily something you learn in real estate school. And I love people and the warmth of being around people—making them feel good, putting a smile on their face and meeting all their needs. It’s something that I’m really good at.”

The Tracy Wright Team Difference

When asked what some of the aspects that differentiate Encore Sotheby’s from other real estate brokers are, Wright replied, “When I started out [with Encore Sotheby’s], there wasn’t any other Sotheby’s agents in Zionsville. I moved over to the Sotheby’s team and developed my team. My mom and husband joined me as well. It gave me an opportunity to make a footprint in the community and gave me an opportunity to learn a lot of different aspects of the real estate business from the different players that are involved. We are in the top 20 real estate teams.”

Wright emphasized the importance of being able to build relationships with not only the clients but with her peers in the industry as well.

“One of the things that I have always felt is really important about the success of being a Realtor, or anything that we do, is acknowledging that you can’t get there by yourself,” Wright stated. “It is just as important to build relationships among your peers in this business as it is with clients. So, if you’re kind, and you follow up, collaborate and problem solve, people will enjoy doing business with you. You start to develop relationships from one company to another and from one town to the next.”

Wright added, “I’ve always said that if I were mean and nasty and didn’t do what I said I would do, then no real estate agents would want to show the properties that I have listed. So, I’ve always prided myself on trying to maintain a positive relationship with other agents too.”

Now Open on Main Street

As long as Wright can remember, she has wanted an office on Main Street. She would walk up and down along the historic bricks and look for ideal and available locations to open an Encore Sotheby’s International Real Estate office in Zionsville.

“We found our spot, and the lady who owns it was a past client of mine,” Wright said. “There was quite a bit of remodeling that had to be done because we were coming in on the tail end of a fire that had occurred in the building a few years ago. And when we finally moved in, COVID-19 hit. So, we’ve yet to have a ribbon-cutting or official grand opening.”

The fact that Wright and her team haven’t held an official “We’re open for business” open house has not impeded on their goals to welcome the community and fellow businesses into their space, nor has it hindered Wright’s initiatives to support her neighboring local businesses.

“Once a month, we produce a newsletter and select a merchant to showcase,” Wright explained. “We’re all working together in a sense and want to keep the dynamic of Zionsville alive and well. We love being a part of Street Dance or other events that bring people to Main Street. We are here [in our space] with the doors open and lights on so people can come in and put a bottle of wine in the fridge if they want. It’s a fun place to sit and chat with friends and past/current clients. This space serves as a place to legitimize our investments in the community, our business and ourselves.”

If you are considering selling and/or buying a home in the immediate or near future, put your trust into the local experts and contact the Tracy Wright Team at Encore Sotheby’s International Real Estate in Zionsville. Don’t wait—contact them today!

Contact the Tracy Wright Team at (317) 281-0347, [email protected] or, or visit their office located at 76 South Main Street, Zionsville, IN 46077.