The ZSI Holiday Home Tour Is a Zionsville Tradition

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Oct/Nov 2023

The annual “Carol of Homes” Holiday Home Tour, presented by Zionsville Show Choirs (ZSI), is a longstanding Zionsville tradition that sets the tone and tenor for the holiday season! This year’s home tour will take place on Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023.

For the past decade, this event has featured beautifully decorated homes as well as performances by talented members of Zionsville Show Choirs (ZSI), currently under the direction of co-directors Sam Chenoweth and Deana Broge. The Holiday Home Tour is not only a wonderful Zionsville tradition but also a significant fundraiser for the organization. The event’s purpose is to support ZSI’s programs and ensure their continuation in 2024.

The ZSI Holiday Home Tour

Make the “Carol of Homes” a Tradition for Your Family and Friends

Both Chenoweth and Broge shared their thoughts on the annual event, the impact it has on both ZSI programs and the community at large, as well as their appreciation for the support from the local business community.

“For the last decade, this [event] has been an annual tradition where groups of students [representing ZCHS Royalaires and Choralaires] perform in six decorated homes in different areas of the community,” Broge explained. “The students prepare their pieces on their own as part of the class and then they audition [these pieces] for us. Some of the students will be performing in these homes, and others will be greeting the guests as they enter the homes. It has become a really solid fundraiser for us and a wonderful Zionsville tradition.”

Chenoweth added, “It’s fun for our kids to do something different than what their normal task list includes. This is the only time of the [school] year where they can prepare a number and it’s not a full ensemble. It’s a good change of pace for our kids in that way.”

Both directors shared that they’ve enjoyed listening to the upperclassmen share with the lowerclassmen the wonderful stories about participating in the Holiday Home Tour over many years. They also emphasized the importance of engagement with the community and that the tour gives the students a feeling of inclusion as well as an opportunity to give back to a community that continues to give so much to not only ZSI but to the Zionsville Community Schools in a myriad of ways. Both Broge and Chenoweth agreed that this level of support for the schools is something Zionsville does remarkably well and often.

“Staci Sullivan and Tamra Craig [event co-chairs] have done a great job this year, and we always appreciate and are just so thankful for all the businesses that support us,” Broge expressed. “We also appreciate the people that support the local businesses because that enables the [businesses] to continue to support our students.”

Chenoweth concluded, “It’s a pretty significant chunk of change [raised] that impacts what we can and can’t do each year. When we put all the numbers together, this event is a big part of that bottom line. So, obviously, the more the merrier, but it’s not lost on us the efforts of the kids, Staci, Tamra and all of the sponsors. There are tangible benefits, [impacting] what we can put on stage from all of their work.”

The ZSI Holiday Home Tour

If you’re interested in participating, you can purchase tickets for the Holiday Home Tour to support ZSI students and staff while being part of the festive atmosphere that sustains cherished traditions and helps the community’s talented youth. Purchase your tickets at All proceeds benefit the Zionsville Show Choirs as they prepare for competition season!