Submicron: It’s Like Taking Two Breaths in One

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January 2023

The quality of air that people breathe has never been so important to human health. Submicron — a veteran-owned small business —offers cutting-edge technologies and approaches that deliver unrivaled, portable air purification systems that are proven to not only purify the air but are the only purification systems in existence that are capable of increasing blood oxygen levels.

Revolutionizing Air Purification Systems

Submicron was founded in 2018 by John Combs. Combs’ background as an electrical technician and healthcare administrator was the impetus for inventing the patent-pending purification systems that Submicron has assembled and is currently selling in the B2B market.


Submicron air purifiers are designed to deliver extraordinarily high levels of microbial filtration and elimination, as well as provide unmatched removal of VOCs — volatile organic compounds from certain solids and liquids in the form of gases — from the air that we breathe. Submicron’s design philosophy ensures its purifiers offer a relatively small footprint, low energy consumption and minimal noise levels suitable for occupied spaces. These proprietary air purifiers are designed and built using military-grade components and highly advanced technologies.

Submicron products are built to last and are constructed from corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum, making them suitable for all environments in which they operate. Another remarkable feature is that the noise level can go as low as 56 decibels at its maximum setting, which makes Submicron’s air purifiers ideal for occupied spaces such as hospitals, firehouses, schools, Department of Corrections facilities, Department of Defense facilities, manufacturing facilities, salons and more!

​Development and Implementation

Combs shared that while he was developing his air purification systems, his teenage son came into their home after he’d been working out and stuck his face into the filter that Comb’s was working on.

“He said, ‘Dad, it’s like taking two breaths in one,’” Combs shared. “Each of our main filters is individually tested and certified that it is 99.998% efficient, which is jaw-dropping. What you typically see in the market are purifiers that say ‘Will filter up to 99%.’ That is key … that is like a 50% off sale where everything is ‘up to 50%’ off and there’s a bin of junk that’s 50% [off] but everything else is more like 10% off.”

Combs continued, “Our purifiers are averaging about a four-point increase [in blood oxygen levels], and consistently bump people up to 100. You can’t trick a pulse oximeter. It reads what it reads. Other than putting someone on oxygen, there’s nothing else in the market that has done that before. And yes, our air purifiers eliminate things like COVID, but that’s more of an afterthought.”

Combs shared that increasing one’s blood oxygen levels is critically important to folks who suffer from lung diseases such as COPD and asthma and can conceivably keep people in the hospital from being put on a ventilator. Additionally, it can assist patients with tolerating room air when being extubated by keeping their oxygen saturation levels up.

Energy and Space Efficient

There are currently three air purification units that Submicron offers to accommodate a variety of spaces. The units themselves have a small footprint and are portable.

“The air purifiers are designed to be like a tower that doesn’t take up too much square footage and are built on casters so that they can be easily moved,” Combs explained. “The prefilters are conventional [air] filters that can be purchased at home improvement stores. At full blast, our purifiers use about 275 watts, and the fans are a newer technology — EC fans, electronically communicated — and use very little energy. Our fans are warrantied by the manufacturer for 2 years, and we add another 2 years so that the fans are under warranty for 4 years.”

It takes approximately 1 week for a unit to be assembled because they are assembled by hand, but they require little time to install once onsite. It’s a matter of wheeling the Submicron air purifier tower to its designated spot and plugging it in.


“People ask me why somebody hasn’t done this before, and I tell them it’s a variety of reasons,” Combs said. “There were countless hours of development and engineering involved. And a study out of South Korea proving what this [level of air purification] can do only came out in 2017, so people are just now starting to get a true grasp of it. To purify air at this level takes a lot, and there’s nothing remotely like our purifiers on the market.”

For more information and to schedule a free consultation, visit Submicron at And be sure to follow Submicron on Instagram for educational materials and current product information.