Reelect Tom Santelli Boone County Commissioner

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March 2022

Reelect Tom Santelli

Tom Santelli’s proven track record brings experience, leadership, dedication, commitment, transparency and integrity to government.

Santelli has proudly served Boone County as a Boone County commissioner and has helped navigate the county through expeditious growth and a global pandemic while improving infrastructure and the quality of life for Boone County for the last four years. Santelli is looking forward to continuing to serve the residents and businesses of Boone County for another four years.

Proven Expertise and Experience

Santelli’s background in public and environmental affairs and corporate planning, as well as his leading research, development and engineering for Owens-Illinois, Great Northern Nekoosa, Georgia-Pacific and Weyerhaeuser, speaks to his well-respected commitment to excellence. Santelli has designed, engineered, built and managed more than four state-of-the-art research and development centers in addition to medium- and large-scale manufacturing operations.

Santelli previously served on the county’s budget committee, chairs the wage and salary committee and served as the budget liaison to the sheriff, courts, 911 call center and clerk’s office, in addition to having responsibilities for the commissioner, CCD, bond payments and key bank building budgets. Santelli currently serves on the Boone County Drug Task Force, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Probation and Community Corrections Board, JDAI Juvenile Diversion and Intervention Board and other important organizations benefiting our Boone County communities.

Santelli has met and exceeded his commitment to voters, ensuring improved court safety; improved key bank, probation and community corrections safety; improved school safety through SROs and funding; jail safety through proper staffing and improved technology; improved public safety through staffing; training and technology advancements; improved transparency through our enhanced countywide government website; enhanced data and crime reporting; the hiring of an animal control officer; and environmental advancements, such as the geothermal HVAC and recirculating systems in the jail. In 2017, Santelli received the Business Partner of the Year Award from the Zionsville First Responders.

Building Stronger Today for a Better Tomorrow

“One of my many focuses is the county’s broadband and digital inclusivity,” Santelli stated. “It’s maximizing grant programs like the ‘Next Level Connections’ broadband grant program and getting Boone County positioned as a broadband-ready community while working at all ends of that spectrum—wireless, fiberoptics and hybrid. Hybrid being a combination of fiber [optics] and coaxial.”

Santelli is also examining innovation development districts that could bring billions of dollars in investments into Boone County.

“There’s a hard push in terms of innovation development districts, and it fits so well in Boone County,” Santelli said. “The county is in between Indiana University and Purdue University, and we are already working with Purdue on the digital inclusivity piece. That is going to generate high-paying jobs—$30–40 dollars an hour on up—and, again, that’s billions in investments.”

Santelli’s track record speaks to the purposeful accomplishments that he and his fellow commissioners have achieved in some of the most challenging and tumultuous conditions that this county has ever faced in its recorded history.

“We didn’t miss a beat,” Santelli expressed. “We continued to conduct meetings and daily business while we also continued to focus on the quality of place, which led to the phenomenal growth of the county’s real estate sector—both commercial and residential. Additionally, some counties are using their American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to make up for lost revenue. We [Boone County] don’t have any lost revenue—we continue to outperform. We [the commissioners] have a lot of positive things lined up, and we’ve met everything we’ve committed to, if not exceeded them.”

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Reelect Tom Santelli