Putting Aside Partisan Differences while Making a Difference in Zionsville

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Make a Difference Weekend

September 2022

Look out, Zionsville! We have our very own Bob and Tom show happening on Main Street later this month! Owners of Robert Goodman Jewelers Robert (Bob) Goodman and his wife Rose-Marie, together with Boone County Commissioner Tom Santelli, are hosting an event for national “Make a Difference Day” featuring Santelli’s antique Traders Point Caring Carriage — a horse-drawn carriage — and are extending the day through the weekend of October 22–23, in front of Goodmans’ store on 106 N. Main Street in historic downtown Zionsville, Indiana.

Traders Point Carriage Presents

For this reason, we are pleased to feature the Goodmans and Santelli on this month’s cover and are honored to help spread the word about “Make a Difference Weekend” and its positive message.

The Purpose and Message behind Make a Difference Weekend

Bob and Rose-Marie are longtime business owners in Zionsville, and Santelli is a longtime resident. Both parties could not be from more opposite ends of the political spectrum and have been unabashedly vocal about issues that they are passionate about. So, what has brought them together, in unity, for the betterment of our community? The answer lies in the question: our community.

For the Goodmans and Santelli, Make a Difference weekend is not about the red or blue — it’s all about the red, white and blue and all of the beautiful threads that are woven into our community’s spectacular tapestry. And for this trio, coming from different places, having had different life experiences, it is about standing together with their shared passion for community, for all people, and making Zionsville a better and stronger community.

“I reached out to Bob [Goodman], and we got together for coffee,” Santelli shared. “We set some ground rules that we weren’t going to talk about politics but [about] what common goals we have and learn more about each other. Bob and I want to focus on the community and where we have common interests. We want to focus on the unique attributes of Zionsville and not on the vitriolic exchanges back and forth.”

Santelli continued, “As a result of our coffee meeting, we learned a little more about each other and that we have many common goals and interests. So, how do we amplify that within the community? We talk about bullying in schools and then we spend our adult lives bullying each other. Bob and I want to set a better example of how we can work together for the benefit of our community. I’m sure that Rose-Marie will be the referee between the two of us at some point in time, but Bob and I continue to have good discussions and are listening to each other’s points of view. More importantly, we are trying to create something that is beautiful and enduring for Zionsville.”

There is a poem “I Shall Not Live in Vain” by Emily Dickinson that hangs on the Goodmans’ wall in their jewelry store, and Bob [Goodman] keeps a copy in his wallet. The poem reads, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”

“That [poem] is up on our wall next to a ‘Recipe For Peace’ written by a then fifth grader who’s 36 years old now,” Bob Goodman shared. “We are going into the [Jewish] High Holidays, and part of Rosh Hashanah is closing the book on the year passed and opening the book on the new year, so it’s interesting that Tom reached out to me at this time of year. I’m not well versed in theology, but the fact that this is happening now is an interesting convergence of time.”

Goodman continued, “I think for Rose-Marie and me, community is not just about the community of Zionsville but the global community. For us, it’s about understanding that we’re dealing with the human model versus a business model, and in the instance of ‘Make a Difference Weekend,’ in terms of what we’re trying to accomplish working with Tom, it’s not the partisan model but again the human model.”

Both Santelli and the Goodmans agree that they want to collectively amplify the message that we can all have different opinions and come from different spaces but as Bob stated, “That doesn’t mean we can’t achieve things together. Rose-Marie and I do not apologize for being unabashed liberals, but we understand that in order to accomplish some things, we all have to come to the middle and can’t always stand on the fringe. I think raising money and awareness for Tri Kappa [Zionsville] is a perfect starting point. Tri Kappa is made up of members that represent all points of view, and we know that what they do is Boone County focused. Whatever we raise is going to achieve what Tom came to me asking to do, which is to amplify community and bring it together. Additionally, we are supporting a female-operated organization, and that’s also a good thing.”

Santelli concluded, “We believe in the philanthropic work that Tri Kappa does for our community in terms of raising money but also in terms of service. The organization is focused on culture and education, and those three things are things that Bob, Rose-Marie and I believe in. The proceeds raised from the carriage rides, for both days, will go to Tri Kappa Zionsville to help support their community programs and scholarships.”

Join Us for Make a Difference Weekend

The Traders Point Caring Carriage will be taking folks on a scenic route starting out in front of Robert Goodman Jewelers on Main Street and through the village on Saturday, October 22 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday, October 23, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations for parties of four can be made ahead of time by emailing Tom Santelli at: [email protected].

Traders Point Carriage Presents

A sign-up station will be located outside of Robert Goodman Jewelers, and an attendant will be onsite during the posted carriage ride hours to register people for the carriage rides. 

The fee is $10 [cash only please] per person, up to four people per ride. Again, the proceeds will benefit the Zionsville Zeta Sigma Chapter of Tri Kappa. The chapter specifically raises funds each year to support local nonprofits and schools through a grant-making process. Any students at the college level are welcome to apply for scholarships. To raise these funds, chapter members actively volunteer at community events, along with specific Tri Kappa annual fundraising events, such as the much beloved Santa Breakfast in December.

We invite the entire Zionsville community to come out and enjoy a carriage ride in the heart of Zionsville during the early days of autumn in support of Make a Difference Weekend and Tri Kappa, courtesy of the Goodmans and Santelli.