Perfection Achieved!

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November 2019

Zionsville Boys Soccer head coach Rob Jordan shared his thoughts on what it took to win the championship, own a perfect season and on the support behind the team and staff.

“When we look at this team, and another amazing piece of this [success story], is that this year’s seniors started out on the JV team, and they didn’t lose a game that whole year,” Jordan shared. “And then they come back their sophomore year as major contributors if not starters, and then we have an undefeated season. Unfortunately, we got beat in the tournament, but they’ve only lost three games in their entire high school career, which is absolutely incredible.”

When asked about the source of the drive that the team displayed on and off the field that carried through an undefeated season, Jordan replied, “It was something that was already in place. Being undefeated was an expectation—not necessarily from the coaching standpoint but from their standpoint. These kids have an internal drive on their own, and all we had to do was keep them focused.”

Regarding the team’s support system, Jordan shared, “It takes a lot of pieces to make a team successful. We’ve got five guys on our staff that do everything they can to keep these kids in the right direction with their academics as well as their athletics.”

Jordan thanked the ZCHS athletic director Greg Schellhase, ZCHS principal Tim East and ZCS superintendent Dr. Scott Robison for their unwavering support of the soccer program.

“All of these guys have been so supportive of this program, and then you throw in the parents, the kids, their friends and their teammates who start coming out to the games, you’re talking about a lot of people that have rallied around this team and not just based solely on their success. These are just great young adults, and it’s easy to want to support them.”

Jordan concluded, “Being state champions puts them in the conversation as one of the best teams to ever play in Indiana, but these kids get it done in the classroom too. We have 13 Academic All-State members this year and have qualified again—for the ninth year in a row—for the United Soccer Coaches [Academic Awards]. We’ve typically ranked 15th to 17th nationally, as well. We’re talking about young guys that have excelled both in the classroom and on the athletic field. These are kids that are going to excel in life.”