PAUL DAVIS OF NORTHWEST INDY: The Experts in Water, Fire and Mold Cleanup and Restoration

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January 2024

If your business or home has been damaged by mold, fire, water, storms or other disasters, call the property damage experts—call Paul Davis of Northwest Indy!

Within moments of your call, Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis’ responsive team is on standby and prepared to take action.

MITIGATE: Utilizing industry-leading tools and extensive experience, the Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis team promptly intervene to halt the damage, preventing further deterioration.

RESTORE: Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis’ certified professionals possess the expertise needed to skillfully restore and safeguard your location, ensuring a thorough and reliable recovery process.

BACK SAFE & SOUND: With Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis’ efficient restoration efforts, you’ll swiftly return to your property, back home and secure in no time.


Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis, operating in Northwest Indianapolis, is an integral member of a nationwide franchise specializing in comprehensive services for repairing and restoring damage incurred by mold, storms, water, fire and other disasters in residential, institutional and commercial structures.

Established in 1966, Paul Davis has evolved into a rapidly expanding network comprising over 300 independently owned and operated franchises. The organization’s extensive expertise and commitment to disaster recovery underscore its significant role in providing reliable and professional restoration services to communities across the nation.


Effective communication with customers after they have experienced a crisis and faced damage to their home or building is of paramount importance to Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis. In the aftermath of such events, individuals often find themselves in a vulnerable and uncertain situation. Clear and compassionate communication not only reassures them but also provides essential information about the restoration process, timelines and what to expect. By prioritizing communication during these challenging times, the Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis team not only demonstrates professionalism but also contributes significantly to customers’ overall satisfaction and peace of mind.


Trust Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis for swift and effective restoration services to protect your commercial property portfolio from various hazards. Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis’ expertise in managing complex losses ensures minimal disruption, and their commercial services division is dedicated to a prompt response. Beyond restoration, Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis offers disaster planning services to fortify your property.

With 24/7 availability, Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis is your go-to solution for prompt and effective restoration in the face of damage from water, fire, smoke, mold, storms and other disasters.


General Manager Kate Thoe, Vice President Andrew Thoe, and Vice President Chris Jacobson, whose wife Heather grew up in Zionsville, transcend their roles as business owners and restoration specialists. As residents of the east Zionsville and west Carmel areas, they are not only deeply rooted in these communities but also profoundly committed to serving them in both a professional and philanthropic capacity. Their dedication extends beyond the realm of business, reflecting a genuine investment in the well-being and prosperity of local residents.

Through their combined professional expertise and community-focused ethos, they exemplify a holistic commitment to enhancing both the business landscape and the quality of life within the east Zionsville and west Carmel areas. Andrew and Kate have been actively engaged in the field of property management for more than a decade.

“We got out of [property management] during COVID to take care of our small children,” Andrew said. “While we were thinking about what we wanted to do next, we knew we wanted to be more entrenched in our local community…that was a high priority for us. When we learned about Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis, [their] brand values, and what the network is all about, it was a natural fit for us.”

Kate added, “One thing that sets us apart from other restoration companies is being a woman-owned business. I think women bring a different perspective to the industry and tend to be heavily involved in the community, prioritizing that social responsibility component of the industry. Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis has just partnered with the Red Cross as of January 1, 2024, so we’ve reached out to our local Red Cross branch to see how we can collaborate and assist with their community efforts.”

Chris Jacobson’s upbringing in the property development industry within the Wisconsin market has profoundly shaped his professional journey. Immersed in his family’s business, Chris gleaned invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics of collaborating with individuals and absorbed the significance of prioritizing excellent customer service experiences.

“I have a huge appreciation for the trades and for the complexity that is involved, especially when dealing with such high-touch items and emotional investment [as you see in a] home,” Chris stated. “Our phone line will be answered 24/7, weekdays and weekends. I think something that Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis has ingrained in us and something that we believe in is making sure that we have the right people involved in a project, and the steps that we take very seriously are making sure that our employees have background checks and are well-versed [in] our values and how we want to integrate ourselves within our communities. We are very particular about the talent that we interact with as an organization to make sure that the customer[s], as well as the insurance providers, are getting the interaction that we expect and that we stand for.”


“We work with every insurance company, and we understand the insurance process intimately,” Andrew said. “Our customers need confidence that somebody’s going to respond quickly, knows what needs to be done, and will help to ensure that the problem or damage doesn’t get any worse. We are trusted subject-matter experts who have a ton of resources at our disposal, and we help navigate the homeowner or property owner through the insurance process.” Andrew added, “It’s important to note that the insured has an obligation to remediate their situation, and quickly. There’s a lot of risk in not handling the issue if the issue isn’t completely remediated. If you have a problem down the road because of a former issue, the new problem won’t be covered by your insurance.”

Chris added, “There’s a whole lot of data that has to be aggregated and transferred over to the insurance provider to keep all three parties on the same page—the three parties being the homeowner or the insured, the insurance provider, and us. We are the entity that is the glue between everything throughout the process. From a technology standpoint, we continue to invest [in having] the best and most effective equipment to do the project. There [are] a lot of guidelines that are industry-wide on how we deal with every specific situation, and there [are] enhancement guidelines that we follow internally to make sure that we’re doing what’s best for the customer, making sure that we’re articulating [everything] to the [insurance] provider so that we can ensure that everyone is on the same page.”

At the start of each project, Andy, Kate and Chris expressed the significance of instilling confidence in their customers and ensuring that the homes or commercial buildings will be expertly restored. The Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis team aims to eliminate potential issues with the property and safeguard resale values.

Chris concluded, “There’s no way for us to eliminate the situation. What we bring to the table is education on what the process will look like and what is going to occur throughout the project. Communication, again, is the most important aspect of this. Our job is to make sure that the insured is aware of timelines and schedules. They’re always kept abreast of what they should expect from us. We have seen the stress levels go drastically down after we have sat down with our customers and assured them of our knowledge and how this situation is going to play out. Once they are aware of the steps that are involved and have been [told] when to expect their home or building to be back to its pre-loss state, there is always a sense of relief.”

No matter what type of restoration services you need, Paul Davis of Northwest Indianapolis is the right place to call. If you need someone to assist you immediately, call 317-732-5050.

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