Monisha Mitchell for Town Council

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Monisha is a dedicated Zionsville resident and small business owner who brings a wealth of experience to her community. With a background in non-profit management, she’s an adept leader with a history of securing grants and creating award-winning healthcare initiatives.

Monisha held a senior leadership role in the private sector and worked for Fortune 500 Companies as well. Monisha’s strong ties to Zionsville extend to her eight years of residence with her son Braxton, her close proximity to her adult children, Camryn and Tim, and her place of worship at Traders Point Christian Church. Guided by her faith and her father’s wisdom, she believes in the significance of service.

Monisha Mitchell

Prior to the pandemic Monisha served at Wheeler Mission but 2020 changed that, she said “It seemed important to serve close to home.”

She organized a bake sale for local first responders during the pandemic to raise money for the Adult Congenital Heart Association. She served as co-chair of the charity committee of the Zionsville Mom’s Group, a local nonprofit that supports local children, mothers, and families by creating opportunities to serve, play, and grow together. In 2023, she threw a benefit concert for the American Heart Association featuring the local band the Janeways.

Monisha holds a diverse educational background, including a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, a graduate certificate in Public Management, and a master’s degree in social work. With 18 years of experience as a mental health therapist, specializing in trauma and mood disorders, she also serves as a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant.

In her community involvement, Monisha sits on various boards and committees in Zionsville, such as the Zionsville Police Department Use of Force Board, the Pedestrian Mobility Advisory Committee, and the Hussey Mayfield Library Foundation Board. She’s also a passionate advocate for healthcare equity and heart health, having fundraised for the Adult Congenital Heart Association in 2021 and earned a nomination as a Woman of Impact by the American Heart Association in 2023 as part of their Go Red for Women national campaign.


Monisha knows how to listen. Every day in her professional career, Monisha’s primary responsibility as a Therapist is to respectfully and non-judgmentally make space for other’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Monisha will listen to experts and consultants, and she will listen to the hard-working town employees; she will listen to fellow Town Councilpersons, and most importantly, she will listen to constituents.

One role of the Town Council is to provide oversight of the administration. Additionally, the Town Council is supposed to be accountable to constituents. Monisha’s commitment is to clear, respectful, and concise communication.

“I’m committed to maintaining accessibility and engagement with the community,” Monisha stated. “I plan to establish regular office hours to meet with constituents and ensure I’m actively listening to their concerns. I also believe it’s essential to improve transparency and engagement during town meetings. I can’t unilaterally change the rules. So, I plan to collaborate with other councilors.”

Monisha added, “I’d also like to work with the other councilors to improve the appointment process for the 16 town boards ensuring subject matter experts relevant to their areas of expertise are appointed. This will enhance the effectiveness of these boards. Additionally, I want to explore better ways to involve the community in the development process. Currently, public meetings about developments often occur too late for meaningful input. I plan to facilitate more genuine community engagement in development decisions, particularly in the relevant districts.”


“Every vote matters deeply to me because it’s the essence of representative government,” Monisha expressed. “I genuinely want to represent every individual, understanding that not everyone will get their way, as that’s the nature of democracy. I empathize with those who feel unheard. I feel it too. It’s crucial to recognize that extremists on either side don’t represent us.”

Monisha concluded, “I’m not asking for the people to betray their party. I encourage people to make the best choice for District 3. The incumbent has had four years to show us who he is as a town councilor. Mr. Melton has shown us, and we should believe him.”

Public Safety:

Monisha acknowledges Zionsville’s status as Indiana’s safest city, attributed to our dedicated public safety officers. Her involvement with the Zionsville Police Department’s Use of Force Board highlights her respect for their professionalism and training. As a Town Council member, she’s committed to supporting law enforcement, firefighters, and town employees through budget votes that provide essential resources and fair compensation.

Mindful Development:

Monisha advocates for sustainable economic growth that preserves Zionsville’s small-town character while generating revenue. She is committed to maintaining the charm of our village and green spaces of our rural areas and farmland while pursuing responsible economic partnerships with corporations, non profits, and neighboring municipalities.

Community Amenities:

Monisha will support funding for town amenities that align with community expectations. She recognizes the hard work of town employees working within financial constraints. She will prioritize supporting them when it comes to approving budgets and appropriations as a Town Councilor.

Learn more about Monisha Mitchell’s vision and commitments to District 3 at Contact Monisha at [email protected] and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.