Local Author Rob Harrell to Be Featured at The Guilded Leaf 17th Annual Book & Author Luncheon

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August 2021

The Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) Foundation and its dedicated guild are pleased to be hosting The Writers at the Pavilion event on Oct. 6 at the Ritz Charles Garden Pavilion and The Guilded Leaf 17th Annual Book & Author Luncheon on Oct. 7 at Ritz Charles.

The Guilded Leaf events are the foundation’s signature annual fundraiser and help support the library’s expansive catalog of programs for all ages.

An Accomplished Author and Illustrator

In addition to being a witty and likeable guy, Rob Harrell is an accomplished author and illustrator. Harrell resides in Zionsville with his supportive wife, Amber. We had the pleasure of featuring Harrell on our cover of Zionsville Monthly back in October of 2018. Since that time, Harrell has published “Wink” (2020) and his latest release, “Batpig: When Pigs Fly.” The accolades are pouring in and are much deserved for this author’s unique ability to make his children’s books relatable to all ages and for being to transfer his talents as an illustrator/comic strip creator to writing and illustrating books for children. His book “Wink” has been published in over 10 languages.

Rob Harrell Author Luncheon

A native Hoosier and DePauw University graduate, Harrell has previously shared his remarkable story of surviving an incredibly rare form of ocular cancer in his right eye that cost him his sight in that eye but has led him on an incredible journey as an author and artist.

Harrell’s past and current works include illustrator and creator of the syndicated daily comic strip “Big Top” and the creative source behind the long-running daily strip “Adam@Home,” which runs in more than 140 newspapers across the globe. He is the author and creator of the popular kids’ series “Life of Zarf.” His first hybrid novel, “Monster on the Hill,” was published in 2013 and was picked by Paramount and ReelFX and inspired a CGI animated film, “Rumble,” that is in production and slated to be released in 2022.

Rob Harrell’s book “Wink” has gained critical acclaim nationally and was named by Time magazine as one of the 10 Best in the Young Adult & Children’s category.

His latest novel, “Batpig: When Pigs Fly,” features a super-swine hero fighting for justice.

Meet Batpig—A Middle School Super-Swine

“This graphic novel is the first of the Batpig series, which is sort of a spin-off from my novel ‘Wink,’ which featured a lot of cartoons drawn by the main character [a young middle school boy] that he dubbed ‘Batpig,’” Harrell shared. “The character worked through some of the things he was going through, like his cancer diagnosis, by drawing this superhero pig.”

Rob Harrell Author Luncheon

When “Wink” came out, Harrell said he received a huge response to “Batpig,” and his publishers asked if he’d have any interest in pursing a series on “Batpig.”

“Of course, I had interest, those pages were so much fun to write,” Harrell expressed. “I turn off my critical writing brain, and I get to let my imagination completely off the leash. It’s been so ridiculously fun to write and illustrate. I’ve completed two [books in the series], and I’m about to do a third. There are a few lessons dropped in here and there, but more than anything, ‘Batpig’ is just ridiculous fun!”

When asked what it means to be invited as one of the six authors attending the The Guilded Leaf 17th Annual Book & Author Luncheon, Harrell said, “I can’t wait! Authors are some of my favorite people, and I love hearing them talk and hearing their stories. I am incredibly excited, and there’s something about being recognized in your home area. It’s really cool to be included [in these events] with the other authors.”

Be sure to get your tickets to the The Writers at the Pavillion and The Guilded Leaf 17th Annual Book & Author Luncheon events! For more information, call (317) 814-3984 or visit carmelclaylibrary.org/guilded-leaf.

And keep up with all the exciting news and official releases on Rob Harrell’s website, robharrell.com.

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