Kingdom Roofing Systems: A Local Roofing Contractor with a Mission

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November 2019

Are you looking for a local, trusted and established exterior remodeling and restoration contractor in the Carmel or Zionsville area that specializes in roofing, windows and siding? Rest assured, Kingdom Roofing Systems is the contractor you’re looking for and a company that you can trust.

Kingdom Roofing Systems was founded by Daniel Young and his partner more than a decade ago and has become Indiana’s top elite exterior remodeling and restoration contractor that has earned prestigious designations by national manufacturers such as Owens Corning, James Hardie, Durolast, GAF. With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry, Young’s experience, philosophy and business standards set him and his company apart from his competition.

Locally Owned and Operated

A native of the southside of Indianapolis, Young grew up in the construction industry with several family members involved in various roles in the construction, real estate and insurance-related fields. Young recalled sweeping out houses under construction for an uncle who was a custom home builder as a young man and developing a passion for the industry. He attended Purdue University, having majored in construction technology, and designed structural steel in the engineering department for Marion Steel in Marion, Indiana, after graduation. He started Kingdom Roofing Systems in 2010—in Marion—and later expanded with a second location in the Park 100 area in the northwest Indianapolis area. Kingdom Roofing Systems serves both residential and construction markets throughout the state of Indiana.

Kingdom Construction
Dan Young, Co-Owner/Founder

A Company Built on a Foundation of Integrity and Humanity         

In 2007, Young saw a great need in his community and started a group home for men and eventually added a group home for women with checkered or tragic pasts. The goal was and continues to be to help men and women in need of trades, basic life skills and a fresh start so that they can become self-reliant, trustworthy members of the local workforce and local communities.

The vison grew beyond Young’s expectations and has turned into what is called “Hope City” in Marion, Indiana.

“We take 18 to 25 men and women. We have people from all walk of life. Everyone from war refugees from Africa, to sex slave victims ” Young explained. “Some of these men and women are coming out of addiction issues, and some don’t have any family and were totally homeless. The stories and background of these men and women in Hope City are all over the board. We teach them everything from how to change oil to getting a job, and we’ve partnered with Indiana Wesleyan University so that these men and women get full-ride scholarships valued at $30,000 a year.”

While developing this program, Young met his business partner, and Kingdom Roofing Systems was created. As Kingdom Roofing Systems evolved and grew, it has maintained its philanthropic origins.

“We bring people into our program, take them through our training and give people what is “equivalent” to a 4 year degree in construction through our training and development,” Young said. “We support the people in Hope City and do everything we can in the way of teaching them a trade, teaching sales and project management and other skills across the board so that they have an opportunity to make a living and give back to their community.”

Kingdom Roofing Systems is a key financial partner of Hope City and even hires some of the promising individuals from Hope City as part of the rehabilitation/education program.

“We scrutinize, and we give drug testing and do rigorous background checks,” Young emphasized. “We know who we’re hiring, and we know their backgrounds. We’re not a company that feels if you made one mistake 10 years ago that you’re not worth a shot. But we run a very tight ship and have a very tight level of accountability, and that’s why manufacturers like Owens Corning backs us.”

National Accreditations and Accolades

Kingdom Roofing Systems is one of only eight contractors that holds the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor designation in Indiana.

“We’ve had a very heavy focus on making sure that every one of our people are factory trained and certified,” Young explained. “We carry the most prestigious certifications and accolades in the industry, such as Owens Corning’s Platinum Preferred program. There’s about 250 in the United States, and we’re one of them.”

Kingdom Construction
Ball Family’s original horse farm in Muncie Indiana. Owens Corning Berkshire triple laminated shingle with the OC Platinum Warranty.

Young explained that his customers benefit from his company’s certifications as well.

“Compared to other roofers, if we put a roof on for you, years one through 50 of your materials are covered 100%—nonprorated,” Young shared. “Additionally, where workmanship is typically the biggest issue and where the warranty is only as good as the company who performed the work, our work is trusted so much by Owens Corning that they carry our workmanship warranty. Our customers get a lifetime workmanship warranty and years one through 25 are 100% covered. Our certification gives massive protection to our customers.”

Kingdom Construction
Cedar shake siding. 24″ hand-split cedar shake imported from Canada on the sidewalls and matched the roof with a GAF Grand Sequoia Roof System

Young continued, “If we put a roof on and then after six years, you find out that we installed a shingle upside down or backwards or used bubblegum and no nails on your roof, Owens Corning is going to pay for the repair at their expense. If you called me and I’m out of business and you have your [Owens Corning] certificate, Owens Corning will send out a tech rep or the closest Platinum Roofing Contractor to assess the damage, and Owens will pay for the repair or installation of a new roof.”

Kingdom Roofing Systems has also been recognized by several organizations for their exceptional workmanship and customer service.

Class 4 Impact Resistant shingle roofing system, which gets a discount from the insurance carrier, all-new James Hardie siding, new Mastic Soffit and Fascia, and all new Provia windows and doors 

“Basically, for every product that we install, our main goal is getting material, labor and workmanship—factory direct—warranty or some type of warranty and guarantee for our customers that they could not get in the general market and at a very competitive price.”

The Kingdom Roofing Systems Standard

According to Young, Kingdom Roofing Systems installs 500 roofs and 700 jobs total every year—40% commercial and 60% residential projects. The company employees roughly 30 employees on average.

Kingdom Roofing Systems has a 90% recommendation rate, and since being an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor in 2013, Young reports that the company has had no claims.

Kingdom Construction
Owens Corning Duration roof system with the OC platinum warranty. Premium exterior vinyl siding by Mastic with white vinyl wood shake gable accents, and a metal roof over the front porch for a nice accent. 

Young added, “Nine out of 10 people recommend us, which puts us at the top of our industry. There are [roofers] in the industry who do not have a reputation for being honest, and people sometimes feel that there is a ‘used-car sales’ vibe or are subjected to high-pressure, low-integrity and high-pricing situations in this industry. We don’t play those games with our customers, and we work from a very high level of integrity and transparency.”

Kingdom Construction
Owens Corning Duration Flex roof system and skylights installed on Avis Industrial Corporate HQ

Young also mentioned that an important differentiator that sets his company apart from others in his industry is the fact that he employs project managers whose sole responsibilities are to ensure that installs are coordinate and completed properly on every job site. This practice—while common in commercial construction—is not often found in residential contractors due to the cost of overhead.

“On every job site, I have a project manager—in uniform—who arrives in a company-wrapped truck, and his No. 1 job is to scrutinize that install and make sure it meets every one of our standards,” Young said. “That’s part of our quality control, to have a project manager looking for problems where most other contractors are hiding [installation or workmanship] problems.”

Young and one of his partner are licensed insurance adjusters, as are two members of their staff.

“We’re experts on hail and storm damage and became licensed so that we can make sure when our customers have hail, wind or tornado damage, we can be a professional advocate for them when we meet with their insurance carriers and can speak in an educated way to ensure our customers get a fair shake,” Young explained. “For us, [our standard] is about having the experience and knowledge, and we are super intentional about our level of training and development.”

Products and Services

While roofing is the bulk of work that Kingdom Roofing Systems performs each year, it also provides superior quality siding, and it provides exceptional quality flat or low-slope commercial roofs.

“We do a lot of low-slope or flat roofs,” Young said. “We are a Duro-Last Master Contractor—one of the few in Indiana. Duro-Last offers a PVC product in lieu of rubber roofs that are not warranted against ponding water. Every flat roof ponds water, and the rubber roofs are very inferior but very popular. Our roofs are white instead of black and are Energy Star rated.”

Kingdom Construction
James Hardie remodel with a wood shake on the gable ends and decorative trim to match, stacked stone on the bottom, and a Limited Lifetime Dimensional roofing system.

As a Duro-Last Master Contractor, Kingdom Roofing Systems can cover up to 30 years for material, labor and workmanship.

“Duro-Last will pay for the material and labor to replace the roof and any damages to flooring, etc.,” Young stated. “Duro-Last sends a tech rep and inspects every single roof we install before they warranty it.”

On the siding installation services side, Kingdom Roofing Systems is a James Hardie Preferred Contractor—one of only two or three in the state at this time.

“They [James Hardie] won’t even put your name on their website unless you are a preferred contractor,” Young shared. “We also work with American Classic Siding—a private label that no other contractor but us can provide in Indiana. It is a very high-end and resilient siding product.”

Warranties Are Great, but Are They Transferable?

Young guarantees that all these warranties are transferable when you go to sell your home.

“The warranty is 100% transferable,” Young said. “Our customers know that outside of an act of God—which would be covered by most homeowners insurance—the roof that we install will be the last roof they have to mess with. The average life expectancy of a roof is 12 to 15 years—ours are 50. And when you also think about appreciation, roofs double in price every 15 years. When I started in this industry in 2008, roofs were one-third the cost of what they are today.”

Why Should You Consider Kingdom Roofing Systems?

In addition to its national accreditations and an extensive list of certifications, Kingdom Roofing Systems is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and Angie’s List. The principles are all prominent members of the local community and lead their company with honesty, leadership, professionalism and fair pricing.

They are dedicated to their customers and provide first-rate customer service before, during and after each project, so if you’re looking for an experienced contractor dedicated to their workmanship, their clients and their community, contact Kingdom Roofing Systemsand get your project started—today!

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