Kevin Sievert: Shaking Up Happy Hour with Bloody Mary and Margarita Mixes 

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December 2023/January 2024

This month, we are delighted to highlight Kevin Sievert, a Zionsville resident who serves as the Principal and President of Banyan Foods LLC. Sievert and his team have embarked on a journey of taste and refreshment, offering the finest drink mixes that elevate the art of beverage enjoyment to new heights.

Whether you’re crafting invigorating concoctions at home or indulging in the creations of skilled mixologists, the world of Bloody Point and Bella Sun Luci drink mixes beckons with their symphony of flavors, textures and aromas.

From classic cocktails that stand the test of time to innovative and trendsetting blends, the joy of discovering the perfect sip is an exploration of personal preferences and culinary creativity. Join us in unraveling the delightful realm of drink mixes, where every pour becomes a celebration of taste, blending and the pursuit of liquid perfection.

About Bloody Point

Nestled along the sun-kissed southern tip of Daufuskie Island, SC, Bloody Point stands as a cherished and historically significant locale, once a battleground for its coveted hilly dunes.

Bloody Point Bloody Marys are premium all-natural mixes designed for discerning consumers who prioritize quality and complexity over simplicity. Honored with awards, these mixes eliminate the need for additional enhancements—just shake vigorously, open the bottle, mix with your preferred spirit, and savor a flavor profile that will undoubtedly leave you craving more. Gluten-free, low-sodium, and with no added MSG or artificial preservatives, Bloody Point sets a new standard in the world of Bloody Mary mixes. The next time you peruse the store shelves for a bottle of Bloody Mary mix, take a closer look at the ingredients, which might be a revelation to you.

Based on a masterful and precise fusion of natural ingredients—fresh tomatoes, whole peppers, and ground spices—Bloody Point’s distinctive mixes promise a delectably layered symphony of flavors that reign supreme. Bloody Point Mixing Co. products have triumphed in blind taste tests, outperforming major competitors by an average ratio of 7 to 1. Its product line is among the most versatile and creative in the market, a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Having sampled the entire Bloody Point liquid mix collection, we are providing an honest endorsement of these products and invite you to experience the layers of flavor firsthand. The blends truly speak for themselves.

A Collective of Expertise in Related Industries

Sievert detailed his extensive background in the grocery industry and food product manufacturing while describing Banyan’s multifunctional team as individuals leveraging their core competencies and skill sets to provide their customers with services from product ideation to consumption. Sievert also expressed how each individual brings vast connections and resources to the “party.”

“My background has been in the grocery industry, on the periphery or otherwise,” Sievert said. “I have been on staff with the largest of grocery retailers based in Cincinnati. I have been with the largest sales agencies, the largest manufacturers of food products, and also the largest North American ingredient supplier and formulator, and that’s why my resume looks a little different than most people’s. I retired approximately four years ago and became bored within six weeks, [though] I do volunteer for the SBA and SCORE programs.”

After retiring, Sievert decided to jump back into the food and beverage game but in a smaller and more intimate capacity than his former positions. He started Banyan Brands, which boasts award-winning product lines that include Bloody Point mixes and Bella Sun Luci mixes.

Kevin Sievert

Sievert said, “We are lucky enough that our bloody mixes have won international awards every time we introduce them. We produce [what] other [authoritative bodies] are validating [as] high-quality products. Under Banyan Brands, we have a large portfolio and have introduced a margarita [Daisy Point Margarita Mix] and a tropical drink mix [Limonita Point Tropical Mix].”

Having relocated from Hilton Head, SC, to Carmel, IN, Sievert’s head mixologist Justin Johnston is the renowned and award-winning formulator for the majority of Banyan’s mixes.

Small but Mighty and Boasting with Flavors

Sievert explained that he and his team are competing at a very low level against infinitely resourced larger companies, and that’s where they are comfortable.

“This is no David and Goliath battle where we have any premonitions about suddenly beating the big boy,” Sievert stated. “We want our niche [to be] a quality one, and we want to be in specific demographic areas. We’ve only highlighted about 18 markets around the country to penetrate in, and they tend to be the resort communities where affluence comes in and leaves, carrying the message [of our products] with them, and they tend to purchase [our products] online or somewhere else. We are in Phoenix, AZ; southern California, New Orleans, LA; Florida, New York, both coasts, and up the eastern coast to Maine. We’re also in Michigan and, just out of vanity, Indiana because I live here.”

In addition to the website, Bloody Point can be purchased in Carmel at Market District. Sievert shared that they are finalizing an agreement with selective Costco stores throughout the U.S., in which they will be selling their Bella Sun Luci mixes. For a complete list of distributors, resorts, retailers and distilleries, visit

Banyan Brands also offers delectable accoutrements such as pickles and pearl onions under the Grateful Gourmet label that feature three levels of heat: spicy and sweet, fire, and inferno. These products are available for purchase through the company’s website.

“Our Bella Sun Luci Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix has a very distinct chipotle flavor, and that won the ‘Best New Item of 2023,’” Sievert revealed. “We also have a [Bella Sun Luci] salsa mix that is a little spicier and a little more viscous. We have our Limonita Point, which is also all-natural, is 40% coconut, and is meant for things like piña coladas and tropical drinks like that. We use a special agave that is grown between the border and Tucson. It has a flavor profile that is a point of differentiation.”

Sievert continued, “People ask, ‘Why Daisy? Daisy translates to ‘margarita’ from English to Spanish. We were all surprised that nobody had ever leveraged that, so we went with Daisy Point Margarita Mix, and it’s something fun for people to think about.” He added, “Bella Sun Luci is the largest brand of sun-dried tomatoes in the country currently in grocery stores, and they are based in California. The sun-ripening process brings a certain sweetness to the tomatoes that you wouldn’t get [through] normal processing. We also buy a packet of sun-dried tomato powder from them to mix into the formulation to ensure that it not only has the tomatoes that are sweet to begin with, but also the sweetness associated with the byproduct of their products. You won’t see [the sun-dried tomatoes] at Market District, but you can find [them] on our website.”

Sievert concluded by saying, “We have a reconstituted version of our Bloody Point Original Mix called Evolution. It is in powdered form and an exact copy of our original formula, which is our best-selling formula by a wide margin. We’re the only ones on the market [who] have that, and it’s another point of distinction for us.”

Elevate your cocktail experience with the bold flavors of Banyan Brands and indulge in a range of delicious, all-natural blends while taking a journey into mixology excellence!

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