Indy Soft Water: Delivering Great Tasting Water in an Environmentally Friendly Way

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February 2020

For more than two decades, Indy Soft Water has been delivering award-winning service and affordable prices throughout the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area. A family-owned, woman-operated company, Indy Soft Water offers eco-friendly, high-efficiency water systems. They offer both rental and repair, for commercial and residential customers. Because it utilizes the latest technologies that are efficient and environmentally friendly, Indy Soft Water is a leader in the industry. As a result, Indy Soft Water has been selected to sell its water systems at Costco Wholesale stores.

ECOWater Reigns Supreme

“We chose to become ECOWater dealers, and that [decision] has differentiated us tremendously,” said  Jessica Larson, owner of Indy Soft Water. “Nobody else [locally] offers that specific line of American-made softeners. They are phenomenally efficient and technology-forward. ECOWater carries the ISO designation for manufacturing, [and it] is difficult to achieve that accreditation. It means that the ECOWater facility is airtight and that their processes are exact. When added with our really high-touch award-winning service and effective communication—these are the differentiators that set us apart, Larson added.”

ECOWater technology pushes environmentalism and efficiency, two things that align with Larson’s core values. Larson shared that ECOWater systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are carbon neutral.

“They [ECOWater] use a third of the salt that a normal system uses—1.6 pounds versus 7 pounds,” Larson explained. “ECOWater systems also use 38 gallons of water versus 75 [gallons], so they are definitely pushing the envelope from technology and environmental standpoint.”

The company offers a wide array of water softener options, such as water softener rental, high-efficiency water softeners, and whole home water softener systems.

No-Hassle Sales and Service Experience

 “My core value is to be helpful,” Larson emphasized. “I want everybody [from our team] to be asking, ‘How can I help you today?’ because I think that when you’re helpful—everything else just comes naturally behind that. Honesty, helpfulness, and well-educated staff; those three things put together really makes the difference.”

Larson explained that she and her team strive to give people all the information they need to make an informed decision and a wise investment for their home and/or business. The information and advice may or may not lead to replacing an entire system just for the sake of profit realized by installing a brand-new system.

“Our mantra is ‘Things that can be serviced and stay in service—should be,’” Larson said. “‘And things that could pose a problem in the near future should be removed and/or replaced.’ We give our customers really solid guidelines for making those decisions, but we very much believe that a system that can do its job and function properly for another year should stay in place. We will provide options for them to think about, and they ultimately come back when it’s time to replace their system. That is how we’ve always approached things.”

The quality and safety of your water is of utmost importance to Larson and her team as is the overall customer experience—before, during and after the initial service appointment. Indy Soft Water prides itself on staying apprised of ever-evolving industry developments and are active members in trade organizations such as the Indiana Water Quality Association (IWQA) and the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Technology Driven Operations

Indy Soft Water has kept apprised of the latest and greatest in water quality systems’ ever-evolving technology with regards to systems and equipment, but it has also improved its internal operations and communications by going “green” and paperless.

“We’ve moved from paperwork orders to digital devices,” Larson shared. “Every one of our technicians has an iPad. Our customers will be able to watch the technician travel to their home in ‘real-time,’ much like an Uber app. All of the payments will be handled via the device, there in the customer’s home or place of business. All of the job-related notes and photographs will be in one [repository] for efficiency and for the customers’ benefit—primarily. Keeping up with what our customers want and how they would like to communicate with us is important to us as well.”

When asked about their systems’ warranties, Larson replied, “The warranties are one of our strong points. They’re all-encompassing labor and parts. Each system comes with five-year parts and labor warranty that is backed by us here—in-house. Some of our systems come with a lifetime warranty from ECOWater corporate, which is really nice.”

Why you need Soft Water

The basics of a water softener unit is that it removes minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that cause the water to be hard water.  

Hard water can clog pipes from scale buildup within the pipes and water appliances, such as water heaters and dishwashers, which shortens the life span of these appliances and reduces its efficiency. As we all know, hard water leaves unsightly water spots on your dishware.

Softened water will leave your laundry, dishware, skin and hair feeling cleaner and shinier. And it requires less soap and shampoo. It saves on monthly energy costs and reduces damage caused to appliances such as coffee machines, ice makers, washers, water heaters and dishwashers.

Water filtration systems

Indy Soft water offers quite a few filtration systems such as fountains and bottle fillers, reverse osmosis systems, and high-efficiency drinking water systems for residential and commercial use.

“The importance of having filtered water systems is twofold,” Larson said. “Anyone who lives in central Indiana is very familiar with the common problems we deal with caused by hard water. From scaling on glasses and appliances to having to use more soap and shortened life spans on water heaters, homeowners need to be protecting their homes by investing in a filtered water system.”

Larson continued, “On the other side of water quality—that for drinking—we have refiners that remove chlorine from the water, which is one of the more prominent features of our [drinking] water. Our drinking water is normally very heavily treated with chlorine, and we [as people] drink more water when it tastes better. Staying hydrated is very important for your optimal health. I think Flint, Michigan, really did a lot to raise awareness for inherent water quality issues. We [in central Indiana] have some of the safest municipalities in the country, so we are lucky in that way. But all the same, the removing of the chlorine and making the water taste better is a really good idea as well.”

What Indy Soft Water Customers Can Expect With Each Visit

The Indy Soft Water team works internally much like a family. Respect, accountability and reliability are key principles within the team and are practiced both internally and externally.

“Once a technician hits the dispatch button on the app, they’ll be able to watch the arrival of our technician(s) in real-time. When the technicians arrive at their home or place of business, they will wear booties or will remove their shoes,” Larson explained.

“Our technicians know how to treat peoples’ homes and places of business. The technicians will wear gloves when they are changing filters on your system and/or reverse osmosis system. We have everything down to the science of sanitation. When people ask me what one of the greatest differentiators is that separates us from other companies and/or big-box stores, I think it’s the way we treat the sanitation process. Everything that we touch and that is exposed to air gets sanitized. We treat water like food.”

Indy Soft Water

Indy Soft Water’s team of professional, knowledgeable and helpful technicians follow proven processes devised to ensure customer satisfaction upon completion of each and every one of their jobs. From the very first point of contact, throughout the service appointment and even beyond the initial installation—the Indy Soft Water team follows its processes to the letter and performs at a high level of professionalism and consistency to best serve all of its customers.  

Give the Gift of Filtered Water

As the official wedding season is about to commence, you might consider getting the newlyweds the gift of filtered water or a son or daughter a filtered system as a housewarming gift for their first or new home.

“I would love for people to give filtered water as a gift,” Larson exclaimed. “I think that would be the best gift ever. If someone had bought me a water filter, I’d be like, ‘Oh yeah!!!’ A water filter would be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for first-time homeowners, and what better gift than healthy water.”

Indy Soft Water Gives More Than Quality Water to Its Community

As a local business, Indy Soft Water is always looking for meaningful ways to give back to its Hoosier community. The Indy Soft Water teams up with Hoosier Environmental Council’s Hoosier Water Warriors and Ambassadors for the Peace Learning Center.

Indy Soft Water purchased a recycling system for St. Monica that will help save up to 30,000 pounds of trash each year and has partnered with the Hamilton County Good Samaritan Network to deliver Christmas food boxes. They have also been proud supporters of Aveda’s Catwalk for Clean Water, the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the Make a Wish Foundation and the Dyslexia Institute Dream Home.

Learn More About Indy Soft Water and About Its Industry

Before investing in a water filter system, visit Indy Soft Water’s website at for more information about its services and systems. Also, be sure to follow the Indy Soft Water blog that covers several common questions, problems and facts that will help you on your quest for high-quality, delicious filtered water for your home and/or business.