Indiana Regenerative Medicine Institute Offers Effective Solutions for Knee, Back and Neck Pain

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March 2020

Are you looking for a health care provider who offers innovative alternatives and a customized approach to your health issues? Indiana Regenerative Medicine Institute (IRMI) believes in offering specialized alternatives to health care.

Its medical team, headed by Doctor of Chiropractic Preston Peachee, utilizes the latest developments in regenerative medicine, hormone replacement and pain management.

Indiana Regenerative Medicine Institute Offers


We treat knee pain conservatively with several options including Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) injections to lubricate and heal the joint, mechanical decompression/traction, Class 4 Laser therapy along with traditional therapies.

Many people have used cortisone, steroid, synvisc, supartz and other knee injections to varying degrees of success and often they work great. We are now using a recently approved new product, we believe, gets superior results. this product, combined with our IRMI knee protocol, can help most people to get the results much sooner than surgical options without the down time of recovery or physical therapy.

We can get many insurance carriers, including Medicare, to cover the costs of a lot of our regenerative medicine procedures, such as stem cell/tissue transplant procedures for the knee, when eligible for the treatment. Not everyone will qualify for coverage but many who were excluded before are now covered for these procedures eliminating the financial barrier to seek care.


Since opening in Indianapolis last summer, the reaction to what IRMI has been great! People often seek care for back and neck pain with chiropractic and physical therapy only to give up after failing traditional treatments or not allowing enough time for a full recovery.

At IRMI our combined approach to disc degeneration, disc herniations, disc bulges, stenosis, facet degeneration, and arthritis will often succeed when other treatments have failed to provide lasting relief. Class 4 Lasers have been shown in many studies to promote healing, reduce spasm
and inflammation, and decrease pain.

Our team uses traditional medicine, chiropractic care, class 4 Laser, non-surgical decompression and other proprietary methods to get a great outcome for difficult cases such as neuropathy, sciatica, headaches, and severe neck or low back pain. This combined approach offers a better cumulative outcome than any one treatment would
have alone.

To see how the IRMI team can help you when other treatments have failed or not lasted, call to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our providers. We will give you the professional care and personalized attention you deserve and will even see if your insurance can cover stem cell/regenerative medicine procedures.

Due to Corona Virus concerns IRMI currently has a very limited availability for new patient exams and will NOT be treating more than 2 patients at a time to minimize risk of exposure. We understand there are a lot of people in pain and they are remaining open with limited availability to help those in need.

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