Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library To Open Long-Awaited New Branch

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March 2024

At the time of publishing, the Whitestown branch of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library was slated to open on March 16 and at the request of HMMPL, we included a preview/promotional article based on that original date. As the universe would have it, the grand opening WILL NOT take place on March 16 based on HMMPL’s official recent statement:

“The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library’s Whitestown Branch Grand Opening has been postponed due to a multitude of factors that are out of the Library’s control. One setback was caused by a sprinkler system leak in the children’s area. 

Our construction contractors immediately called in a remediation company  that provided a clean report so the repairs could be completed. 

We have been encouraged by the support we have received from the public since this announcement was shared late last week and are grateful for everyone’s continued support. Once a new date for our grand opening is set, we will share all of the wonderful details.”

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HMMPL New Branch Opening

Not Your Grandparents’ Library

This branch is the result of careful planning and community input. Before construction began, the library conducted extensive outreach and surveys to identify the most desired features. As a result, visitors can look forward to a tranquil reading area, an indoor playroom, a MakerStudio, and a spacious community room/event space (available to the public to rent).

HMMPL New Branch Opening

Additionally, the new branch features modern décor with comfortable seating throughout; a designated teen area, which cleverly incorporates garage doors that roll up, seamlessly connecting it to the main hall for easy access and interaction; a sensory-friendly space, and convenient access to nature trails and relaxing outdoor reading spots.

Natural light is abundant throughout the facility, and the main room impresses with its soaring 18-foot ceilings. Situated on 11 acres generously donated by the Town of Whitestown, the Whitestown Branch offers more than just a building. It boasts an expansive lawn for outdoor programs and a wooded walking trail, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Despite its array of modern technology and 21st-century amenities, this branch delivers all the traditional services and programs expected of a community library—and then goes above and beyond with even more offerings!

I spoke with HMMPL Executive Director Kristin Shelley about her library management experiences and the importance of opening up the Whitestown branch amid massive growth in Boone County.

“It is truly exciting,” Shelley said. “While I was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, and went to Indiana University for my undergraduate and MLS, I left Indiana as soon as I got my master’s and have decades of library experience and management experience from Ohio and Michigan. I’ve worked on multiple library building/expansion projects, and it’s always exciting when you first open the doors and bring in the community to see all the wonderments that public libraries offer—especially this [Whitestown] library!”

Shelley added, “I am a huge supporter of MakerStudios in libraries, and I love the idea of patrons coming in and not just consuming information or consuming our product, but now creating within our walls.”

HMMPL New Branch Opening

Libraries Play a Vital Role in Communities

Libraries serve as the cornerstone of community growth, offering access to a wealth of resources and opportunities. They provide avenues for lifelong learning, education, and skill development, leveling the playing field for individuals from all walks of life. Beyond books, libraries offer technology access, community programs and spaces for collaboration and connection. By fostering literacy and a love for learning and serving as hubs for information exchange, libraries empowerindividuals while contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of the community they serve.

“Libraries are the last bastion of democracy in that anybody can walk through our doors, and as a library director, I hope that everyone feels welcome and is treated as equitably and equally as possible,” Shelley expressed. “This is a perfect location, as there are housing developments all around, and there are more [housing] developments popping up left and right. There’s a tremendous amount of growth [coming to the county], and that allows a wonderful opportunity for the library to help the community in its growth.”

Shelley concluded, “The library can help with job searches, it can help those who need to apply for small business loans, [it] can help with research on economic developments, and then there are opportunities for collaboration with [local] organizations, schools, businesses and libraries such as the Lebanon and Thorntown libraries. I think the possibilities are tremendous and endless.”

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