Garage Theory: Your Solution for Garage Storage

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April 2023

It’s that time of year: when we look to spruce up our living areas and get organized … that includes our garages! Don’t know where to start? Rely on the local specialists at Garage Theory to design and install the best high-quality storage and organizational system to maximize your space!


When you hire a garage storage specialist from Garage Theory, you are not only supporting a locally owned and operated business but you are also saving time. Garage Theory will complete the design and installation of your customized garage storage system and flooring system quickly and efficiently. The garage storage specialists will customize your storage system to fit your unique needs and preferences while providing “future proof” options that can be easily adjusted by the homeowner as their specific needs evolve over the years. The specialists also take into consideration the size and shape of your garage, as well as the types of items that you need to store and compartmentalize, to make your space more functional and attractive.

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Made in America, Garage Theory’s high-quality products have been featured on HGTV programs and are durable and long-lasting to ensure that your storage system will be able to withstand heavy use for many years to come. Additionally, Garage Theory’s products have the highest weight rating in the industry.

Garage Theory has been at its current location for 5 years, has served the greater Indy area for more than 15 years and its factories have been producing the product lines for more than 30 years.

Thanks to its 3D design software, Garage Theory storage specialists are able to give you the most accurate idea of what to expect from their garage storage solutions. They draw your unique space into their software with all appliances, permanent fixtures and wall layouts. With this drawing, you will be able to see exactly what your garage remodel will look like once they have completed your garage storage transformation.

Garage Theory owner Shawn Stevens spoke about additional factors that differentiate his company and team from others in the industry.

“The three most stressful places in a house are your pantry, your closet(s) and your garage,” Stevens stated. “If you can’t park your car(s) in the garage and you’ve got stuff everywhere — not organized — it’s a stressful moment to come in and out of that space. We want to serve our community by offering the best garage storage and organization solutions on the market.

The garage is the most underutilized area of the home. Our systems take advantage of all that unused space and organize all your storage in a system custom designed to the needs of your space and storage.”

Stevens expressed that the staff is another reason why prospective clients should place their trust in Garage Theory. “We’re incredibly blessed to have skilled staff that’s been with us for years,” Stevens said. “We have not only great products but more importantly great staff that care about their work and the clients.”


Stevens added, “We proudly offer American-made storage solutions professionally installed by our salaried employees who have been with us for years. We offer by far the widest selection of garage solutions in the market with the highest weight rating in the industry that gives clients a peace of mind that you can load up the product and not worry about the overloaded wire shelf falling off the wall onto cars or little ones. Our proprietary dual-purpose shelving and adjustable hanging provide up to 1,000 lbs. of storage in just a 4’ section of the wall.”

Garage Theory offers free design consultations with 3D software design renderings so clients can see exactly before and after what the custom solutions will look like, specific to their garage layout. No hand sketching or high-pressure in-home sales for hours. Garage Theory listens to its clients and addresses their pain points, focusing on the appropriate storage solutions rather than upselling from its vast product selection.

“Each garage and storage space are unique,” Stevens expressed. “That’s why we offer individualized garage storage and organization systems to meet the layout of your space and your storage needs. All of our systems are professionally in- stalled, and your garage is ready to use in just 1 to 2 days. Our systems are versatile and adaptable to existing storage systems. With Garage Theory, you are guaranteed:
•A custom, professionally designed
•Best quality products on the market
•Lifetime warranty

We proudly support our military with veteran’s discounts. It’s the least we can do as a small thank you for their service.”


Having the widest selection of product types between closed storage (cabinets) and open storage (shelving, hanging, ceiling platforms) gives us more options for the space. Products ranging from custom garage cabinets in different sizes and finishes, dual purpose shelving (stacking totes/boxes/coolers) and adjustable hanging
(bikes, yard tools, bag/folding chairs, scooters, strollers, golf bags, cornhole boards, ladders), ceiling mounted overhead platforms both fixed and motorized so you don’t need a ladder. Great for clients with tall ceiling heights, motorized Jeep and Bronco top lifts, kayaks, car top carriers. Even have flake flooring options. We are full turnkey in the residential garage space.

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Based on years of experience, we know that a coordinated garage is easier to maintain. Creating a storage plan that utilizes multiple complimentary storage solutions and maximizes your available space. Mismatched storage solutions simply add to a cluttered aesthetic in the garage. Storage solutions that clash and compete for attention draw attention whereas our garage makeovers in Indianapolis blend seamlessly together as they work to keep your garage organized.

So, don’t wait another minute to get organized and transform your garage space this season! Call Garage Theory at 317-296-7441 or visit to schedule your FREE consultation!