Cereset is the Expert on Relaxing Your Brain and Achieving Restful Sleep

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September 2022

Sometimes the stresses of life become more than disruptive — prolonged stress can significantly impact one’s health and have negative effects on the brain and body.

The brain is your central command center. When your brain is out of balance or stuck, you don’t feel right, and it’s impossible to function at your highest level. Cereset is a proven technology that’s non-invasive and highly effective. Cereset can help your brain free itself, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance throughout your life.

Prior to opening the Carmel Cereset office, owner and Tech Coach Brenda Hanning had a license for the legacy technology and served clients for 5 years under the name of Balanced Matter. When Cereset Corporate released the new-and-improved Cereset technology and offered a new business model, Hanning immediately upgraded to the improved version and opened the Carmel office in 2018.

The Science of Stress and Poor Sleep

Hanning explained that research shows a direct correlation of not getting enough sleep with an increased risk of irritability, anxiety, forgetfulness and “fuzzy” thinking.

“The Autonomic Nervous system controls our ability to respond to and regulate stress,” Hanning explained. “When a stress is severe or prolonged, the stress system can get stuck ‘on’ just like a button that has been pressed too many times. Someone stuck in fight-or-flight response will often report a chronic feeling of dis-ease or underlying tension and anxiety. They may also report great difficulty sleeping and feel their brain is constantly racing or ‘on alert.’ Those stuck in a freeze response will often report feeling numb or disconnected with poor sleep. When they experience a stress, they tend to shut down and retreat into themselves. They also tend to report low energy and slow cognitive processes such as problem solving or decision-making. When the brain relaxes these imbalances in the stress system, the brain can then self-correct the stuck hemisphere and reset itself.”

Patented Technology

Cereset is a wellness company that helps its clients relax their brain to manage stress, restore hope and finally achieve restful sleep through BrainEcho technology that empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection.

Cereset Founder and CEO Lee Gerdes used his expertise in physics, mathematics, computer software and psychology to develop Cereset’s patented BrainEcho technology after a violent attack left him with the inability to sleep for nearly a decade. After finally finding a solution to his sleep issues, he worked to share his findings and technology with the rest of the world. The global leader in non-invasive brain self-restoration and optimization, Cereset enables the brain to fully relax and reset itself to its natural balance from the inside out. There is no outside intervention, stimulus or medication of any kin— the brain does its own work, and the client often naps or relaxes quietly in a comfortable chair. Cereset is available at franchise locations around the world.

Is Cereset Right for You?

“Cereset is for everyone,” Hanning expressed. “It is hard to imagine there being someone who could not benefit from Cereset to some degree. Seventy-five percent of Americans say they suffer from some form of stress, and there is an estimated 54 percent of the population who do not sleep for 2 weeks a month or more. And now there are more people suffering from brain fog and cognitive performance from long COVID-19. With Cereset, these individuals can reduce the stress in their brains, achieve more restful sleep and have more robust power for cognitive performance.”

So, how does Cereset help?

Cereset uses patented BrainEcho technology that reflects the brain’s own activity back to itself through musical, engineered tones. The musical tones support the brain to stabilize itself and thus relax. When the brain relaxes, it resets itself, and imbalances are self-corrected. This is most often seen when one hemisphere is overactive, and a relaxed brain quiets the overactivated hemisphere.

Hanning added, “A naturally balanced brain can help resolve issues such as insomnia, stress, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, anger, problem-solving, lack of focus and memory. Cereset technology is being studied at the Wake Forest School of Medicine Department of Neurology, the Womack Army Medical Center and Uniformed Services University for helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

What Can Clients Expect on Their First Visit?

“Cereset is a relaxing process, and most of our clients fall asleep during the sessions,” Hanning shared. “The client is comfortably seated in a zero-gravity chair with lightweight comfortable sensors placed on the scalp to read their brain rhythms. Most of our clients find satisfactory results with our Cereset Wellness Package, which includes five sessions and sessions average 1.5 hours each. Many clients testify experiencing results within 3 weeks of beginning sessions.”

When asked if insurance covers the sessions, Hanning stated that insurance does not cover the cost of [Cereset] sessions but that most health savings accounts will.

Say “Yes” to restored health and a return to restful nights! A balanced brain is a way better brain and sustains a healthier person in every way. If you are seeking a balanced brain, Cereset can help . . . wellness from the inside out!

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