Celebrating 60 Years of Giving to The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library

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June 2022

Zionsville Monthly is proud to be a longtime supporter of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library (HMMPL) and a sponsor of the HMMPL Diamond Jubilee Book Ball. This year’s event will be held August 20 from 7-11 p.m., at the HMMPL Zionsville branch.

The event will feature many ways to support HMMPL, including a “Fund-a-Need” item specifically for the library’s new, second location, currently being built at 6310 E. Albert S. Whitestown Blvd., in Whitestown. The Fund-a-Need will raise funds for the installation of a beautiful tree sculpture and an interactive wall that will be featured in the new children’s area.

Celebrating 60 Years HMMPL

We spoke with the co-presidents of the HMMPL Foundation Catherine “Cathy” Coscia and LeeAnn Biggs about the past, present and future of the library and the foundation that supports its programs. And once the second branch has been built and officially opens, HMMPL will be able to add to its robust menu of programs and will offer a variety of new programs that will be unique to the new location by virtue of its ample indoor space and outdoor amenities.

However, these exceptional programs and opportunities for the community are supported in large part by the HMMPL Foundation and, in turn, the Foundation needs the continued support of the community. The needs are going to be greater than ever because HMMPL will be expanding their programs at both of its locations and the need to support the HMMPL Foundation is just as important as the foundation supports the present and the future of HMMPL.

Building the Foundation

The Book Ball was an event that originally debuted in 1962. It was organized by the Psi Iota Xi sorority and held at the Dolphin Country Club in Indianapolis, and the proceeds benefited the Children’s Reading Room of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library (HMMPL) in Zionsville.

Celebrating 60 Years HMMPL

The debut of the Book Ball correlated with the opening of HMMPL’s Hawthorne Street location, where the Library operated from 1962-1994. In 1998, the formalized 501c3 Foundation was formed with the specific purpose to support HMMPL.

To date, the Foundation has surpassed $1 million in grants to HMMPL and continues to donate thousands of dollars each year to support technical, logistical and outreach initiatives.

Past examples of the foundation Grants/Giving include Wi-Fi capability and upgrades, library catalog stations, the Bookmobile, mobile outreach station, the outdoor sensory garden, upgraded self-checkout stations, and several other essential library programs and services. Biggs and Coscia explained that many of the grants that the Foundation awards are HMMPL staff initiated and range from large projects and improvements to smaller scale projects such as the “Seed Library” project.

“The Seed Library, which has been wildly popular, is certainly not the largest grant,” Biggs said. “But then we got grants for new drop boxes in the front [of the library] because those were 20 years old. The Foundation invests in something, it serves its purpose and then its time to refresh and that’s what we’ve done with many different grants. If you print out all of the [Foundation] grants awarded in the past 20 years, it’s 70 pages.”

Get Your Tickets—Today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the library in a different light and after hours! Enjoy live music by Greta Speaks, food from Sweet & Savory catering, drinks and live auction by auctioneer, Sue Wickliff, with items including Colts’ sideline tickets with VIP parking, a weeklong stay at a Seaside, FL Condo, a specially commissioned David Seward Painting, a Night in Italy dinner for eight with paired wines from the Wine Guy, an opportunity for your child to record the Library’s daily closing message and an opportunity to sing with the band during the event.

Celebrating 60 Years HMMPL

Coscia added, “We hope that people are ready to have a fun evening. The library is absolutely transformed! There will be special literary cocktails, a scavenger hunt, a 1960s trivia game and another special game. There will be dancing after the live auction and Fund-a-Need. You will need to be present to win the auction items.” Biggs and Coscia emphasized that HMMPL’s mission is to be a life learning center without borders. The branches will continue the library’s purpose which is to be a vital component of the communities in which it serves; connecting people, connecting interests as it continues to evolve with the changing needs of a growing county and advancing technologies.

HMMPL certainly looks different from its inception, 60 years ago. But it continues to be a beacon of education and hub of resources for those seeking them, as well a place to build community and make new connections.

Please join us in supporting the HMMPL Foundation. Purchase tickets online at: hmmplfoundation.org/events-1. For more information on the HMMPL Foundation’s grants, visit hmmplfoundation.org/projects. If you’d like to donate directly to the Foundation, there is a “Donate Now” tab on the Foundation’s webpage as well.