Carmel Monthly Magazine Is Proud to Present: “Interviews on Tap”

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October 2019

Podcasts are growing ever popular in our culture and are an excellent way to entertain oneself while commuting, working out, traveling or unwinding at the end of a long day.

Carmel Monthly, our sister publication, is proud to present a new kind of podcast: “Interviews on Tap.” “Interviews on Tap” is the brainchild of podcast hosts Janelle Morrison, head writer and producer at Carmel Monthly and Zionsville Monthly, Brett Gordeau, CEO and cinematic illusionist, and Jeff Davis, producer, both at Dream Store Media.

Dream Store Media is producing this brand-new podcast in collaboration with Morrison and has introduced a unique format for their podcast.

Carmel Monthly Magazine

“Janelle and I have worked together professionally a few times and have become friends,” Gordeau shared. “We came up with this idea that we would look behind the curtain, so to speak, at what she does as a journalist and at the conversions that she has with some pretty unique people and celebrities. I’m very excited about this new endeavor and look forward to seeing how we develop it [the podcast].”

The dynamic duo shares a razor-sharp wit and zany sense of humor that engages the followers.

“Interviews on Tap” will feature audio snippets and behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Morrison’s interviews that she has with artists/celebrities that are coming to Carmel, Indiana, and the surrounding areas and that are featured in Carmel Monthly Magazine and Zionsville Monthly Magazine.

“I’m excited for this opportunity to work with Brett in a different capacity and work with another format other than print or web streaming,” Morrison said. “I feel that [the podcast] allows us to share a more intimate perspective of the interview process, as well as a chance to listen to what their favorite artist or performer has to say about a variety of topics that go deeper than the typical interview questionnaire.”

Morrison added, “Brett and I will also be featuring our picks of liquid guilty pleasures in each podcast—coffee and otherwise—as it is ‘Interviews on Tap.’ This is a way for us to introduce new things to our followers, promote small businesses who are supporting our podcast, as well as indulge in our bad habits.”

“Interviews on Tap” is available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android devices. Follow “Interviews on Tap” on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Podbean, as well as online at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as “Interviews on Tap.”

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