Burn Boot Camp Opens in Zionsville

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High-fives, Zionsville! Something different is coming to town. This summer, Burn Boot Camp
is opening up their doors and ready to change lives!

Burn Boot Camp Zionsville

Looking to regain your health? Or maybe you’re a seasoned athlete looking for your next
challenge? Burn Boot Camp’s 45-minute strength and cardio workouts are designed for all
fitness levels. All workouts can be modified to meet members exactly where they are in their
fitness journeys with our targeted personal training in a group setting. Burn members gain
discipline that transcends fitness and maximizes the quality of life. In addition to the
challenging workouts, Burn Boot Camp offers complimentary childwatch, allowing parents the
opportunity to workout while their children are in a safe, fun environment that they come to
love just as much as their parents. 
While Burn Boot Camp may be new to the Zionsville community, the Burn leadership team is
not. In fact, Franchise Partner, Maggie Browning, grew up on the northwest side of Indianapolis
and has always felt a deep connection to the town of Zionsville. Mother to two young girls,
Maggie fell in love with Burn Boot Camp on her quest to get back in shape and find community.
It wasn’t long after joining Burn Boot Camp as a member that Maggie became a Certified
Personal Trainer and months later a Franchise Partner. Her first year as a franchise partner, she
was nominated as “Franchise Partner of the Year” out of more than 400 candidates.

Burn’s Zionville roots do not stop there. Operation Manager, Jen Holland, grew up in Zionsville
and is thrilled to be giving back to the community she dearly loves through her passion for
Burn. Jen has served various communities in the Greater Indianapolis Area as a Certified
Personal Trainer for over 10 years.
Members of the Burn Boot Camp Zionsville community will also get to know Training Manager,
Katie Gladieux, and Community Manager, Bridget Merlina. Katie has served the Fishers Burn
Community for the last 4 years as Head Trainer, and is truly a force to behold on the floating
floor. She embodies Burn’s core values in all aspects of her training, and has a gift for
transforming members one workout at a time. Bridget has been a part of #BurnNation her
entire adult life first falling in love with Burn while attending college in Wisconsin.  Bridget
bleeds blue and finds joy in her ability to create community through event planning, social
media, and member relations at Burn.

Burn Boot Camp Zionsville

Burn Boot Camp’s camps are different than other fitness classes or personal training sessions.
Their elite trainers give members one-on-one attention within a group setting so members are
getting the best of both worlds. Burn Boot Camp’s workouts target different muscle groups
throughout the week, setting members up for the best possible results.
One thing that Burn Boot Camp truly prides itself on is the community it cultivates. “When you
step into our gym, you become a part of #BurnNation,” says Maggie Browning.  “There is not a
day that goes by that I do not bear witness to inspiring transformations, members supporting
members, and my training team bringing the heat keeping our community motivated. It’s truly
something special.”

Burn Boot Camp Zionsville

In addition to the community inside its doors, Burn strives to be a contributing member of the
larger community outside of the gym. Annually, all of Burn Nation partners with the Muscular
Dystrophy Association (MDA) and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to empower members
to give back to causes greater than themselves. Through these partnerships Burn members
raise funds for children with neuromuscular disorders to attend summer camp and provide
finances for life saving research and development. Throughout the year, Burn Zionsville will
support this cause, and others, to strive to make a positive impact on the communities that
they reach. 
Now is your chance, Zionsville. Stop wondering, ‘what if’ or waiting for tomorrow. Burn Boot
Camp Zionsville wants you to be part of its founding member community! Use the QR codes to
follow us on social media and don’t forget to sign up for updates as we near our Grand