Bob Harris for Town Council

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September/October 2023

From the quaint brick street to our schools, to our public safety — Bob Harris knows why families choose Zionsville

Born and Raised in Zionsville

Bob Harris is the GOP nominee for Zionsville Town Council, District 1. Born and raised in Zionsville, Bob has spent his entire adult life working to make Zionsville better for current and future families. 

Bob and his wife, Tammy, raised their two children, Sarah (20) and Max (19), on the family’s Northwest Zionsville farm. He attended Union Elementary and Zionsville Middle School and is a graduate of Franklin College. Bob and his family are members of New Hope Christian Church. Bob continues to invest in his community through his involvement with several youth and community organizations, including Union Elementary.

Bob Harris for Town Council

Serving Zionsville as an Industry Expert

Throughout his career, Bob has been a part of bringing over 50 new businesses to Zionsville — including Bub’s Burgers, Moving Water Outfitters, Rosie’s, Sub 16, Teays River Investments, Frances+Parke, Verde Mexican Restaurant, Aspasia Coffee and Coffee, Culver’s, and the various businesses opening soon at Appaloosa Crossing.

The Harris family has owned property in downtown Zionsville and throughout the area for over 70 years. Bob has served as Property Manager for the Harris Family Limited Partnership and Kite Harris Property Group.

“I think that I have a distinct skill set to help areas in Zionsville that have been challenging,” Bob stated. “Such as the south end of the village. I believe that we’re going to have to get creative as a town and work together with folks who want to improve that corner. There’s a lot of things that can be done there, we just need the right person in office to make it happen, and projects like this are what I do.”

Bob added, “Another area of focus is Creekside Corporate Park, and we’ve got to get creative and fix the [development-related] reasons why we keep losing prospective companies to other communities. It’s going to take people who know what they’re doing and are engaged in this profession to make Creekside a success.”

Bob Harris for Town Council

Planning for the Future of Zionsville

Bob is ready to get started as District 1’s next town councilor.

“The first thing that we need to start working on, beginning January 2, is a new comprehensive plan. The town’s existing comprehensive plan is over 20 years old. And we need to discuss different and new zoning classifications in rural areas. If I’m elected to the town council, I will meet with rural Zionsville folks once every quarter to make sure their voices and concerns are heard. I live on the outskirts of Union Township. I am rural Zionsville. I am their neighbor. It’s going to take neighbors working with neighbors to figure the issues out. I humbly ask for your support and votes on Election Day — Nov 7.”

Bob’s Priorities

  • Preserving Zionsville’s Charm: Bob will honor our rural heritage and maintain the town’s original charm while supporting our schools.
  • Responsible Growth: Zionsville needs sustainable growth that enhances our tax base and attracts businesses while prioritizing amenities such as trails, a community center, and an expanded grocery store that caters to residents’ needs.
  • Best-In-Class Public Safety: Having served 14 years on the Boone County Sheriff Merit Board, Bob understands the importance of prioritizing training and funding for our police and first responders to ensure best-in-class public safety.

Read more about Bob’s vision for Zionsville at and follow his campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

“The Harris family has been engaged in #AVisionForZionsville for generations, and now Bob Harris is running to represent District 1 on our Town Council. Like his brother (Boone County Sheriff) Tony, Bob is a family man who wants to see our town thrive for all of our children. I think he can bring a valuable point of view to the Council, and I hope voters in his (mostly) rural district will give him a chance to bring his deep background to the conversation.” — John Stehr for Mayor