Azionaqua’s Make a Splash Anniversary Event Is a Go!

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July 2021

It came as a huge disappointment but no surprise when it was announced that the highly anticipated 60th anniversary celebration for one of Zionsville’s most beloved amenities, Azionaqua Swim Club, was officially postponed to Aug. 21, 2021, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

And so, it is our pleasure to announce that the Make a Splash fundraiser celebrating Azionaqua’s 60th+ 1 anniversary is a “go” for next month! This event will celebrate the incredible local history of Azionaqua, multiple generations of members and six decades of staff. The goal of the Make a Splash Event is to provide the necessary funding to allow the facility to remain relevant for our future generations to come.

Azionaqua’s Make a Splash

A Brief History of Azionaqua Swim Club

The Azionaqua Swim Club was established by a group of Masonic Lodge brothers, Virgil Knapp, Henry Beard and Herman Gettle, and has been a longstanding summer tradition in Zionsville for more than half a century. The pool was built in the summer of 1960, and its first day of operation was Aug. 6, 1960.

More than six decades later, Azionaqua continues to be a membership-based club focused on aquatics education, safety, physical fitness and family fun. The 50-meter by 25-meter pool offers lap swimming, a diving well with two springboards and aquatic sports and fitness programs for all ages.

Azionaqua’s Make a Splash

A Dedicated Volunteer Board

Azionaqua’s past and present boards have and continue to be comprised of dedicated volunteers who remained committed to maintaining the club’s facilities as well as growing its membership. The board’s primary focus is on making every swimmer’s experience a fun, safe and memorable one while spending time as a master or student swimmer/diver training at the pool or as a recreational member enjoying the dog days of summer at Azionaqua. The club’s astute board continues the tradition of seeking input from its members and adjusting its sails based on what the members want and need. This was recently exhibited throughout 2020, when the club’s board members and its extraordinary aquatics director Ginger DeCoursey and staff pivoted (in conjunction with the governor’s COVID-19 orders) and provided a safe and fun escape from the constraints of the pandemic.

Two of Azionaqua’s current board members, Andrea Nicholson and Molly Burton, shared their thoughts on the club’s current board of directors and on the importance of hosting this year’s fundraiser that is honoring the 60th + 1 anniversary but has the potential to evolve into an annual affair and revenue generator.

“We have a great board that is very well respected, and we’re working very well together,” Nicholson stated. “We decided to title the fundraiser ‘Make a Splash’ and give it an [official] name because if it is successful and people like it, we want to be able to do it again, and not just every 60 years.”

Burton added, “Memberships alone don’t fund everything that needs to happen at the pool. It’s a great pool and functions really well, but just like anything—especially something that’s 60-plus years old—there are things that come up that have to be repaired from time to time.”

Fundraising for the Present and for the Future

Azionaqua is fully funded from its membership base and operates as a nonprofit facility. Every dollar of the club’s membership fee goes directly to pool maintenance and staffing. What many may not know about the club is that it offers several programs to its members AND nonmembers! Fee-based programs such as swim lessons, scuba lessons and more are offered to adults and kids regardless if they are current club members or Zionsville residents.

The goal of this year’s fundraiser is to not only celebrate the club’s remarkable 60th + 1 anniversary but to raise funds for future improvements such as modern water features, poolside cabanas, facility updates including changing rooms and locker areas that serve the 400–800 members and guests that attend Azionaqua’s facility every summer day.

This year’s Make a Splash event will feature a cocktail hour and appetizers beginning at 6 p.m. at the Golf Club of Indiana at 6905 South 525 East Whitestown, IN 46075 and will feature dinner, live music by The Papercuts Band, dancing, silent and live auctions and fellowship with members and nonmembers who wish to support one of Zionsville’s greatest treasures!

VIP and standard tickets are for sale, but seating is limited! VIP tickets include priority seating, unlimited bar and one raffle ticket for a FREE membership for the summer of 2022! ALL proceeds will go directly to pool improvements. This event is for ages 21 and over.

Join us in celebrating the past, present and future of Azionaqua. Buy your tickets now to ensure your seat is reserved. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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