A 60-Year-Old Zionsville Tradition Continues in Spite of COVID-19

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June 2020

It came as a huge disappointment but no surprise when it was announced that the highly anticipated 60th anniversary celebration for one of Zionsville’s most beloved amenities, Azionaqua Swim Club, was officially postponed to Aug. 21, 2021, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Azionaqua Swim Club was established by a group of Masonic Lodge brothers, Virgil Knapp, Henry Beard and Herman Gettle, and has been a long-standing summer tradition in Zionsville for more than half a century. The pool was built in the summer of 1960, and its first day of operation was Aug. 6, 1960.

Azionaqua to Make a Big

The Azionaqua Swim Club’s board and staff have been diligently planning the club’s historic 60th anniversary and were planning a two-day extravaganza this July 3 and 4. Instead of carrying these plans through, the board and staff have postponed the anniversary plans and are earnestly working at keeping the club’s facilities in accordance with the state of Indiana’s COVID-19 guidelines and pivoting its normal programs and schedules to meet the requirements and ensure as safe of an environment as possible for its members and guests this summer.

A 60-Year-Old Zionsville Tradition Continues in Spite of COVID-19

I spoke with Ginger DeCoursey, aquatics director, and Janet Goar, board president and grounds chair, to learn more about what Azionaqua’s members can expect throughout this unprecedented summer if they have not already visited the facilities since its opening this past Memorial Day weekend.

Celebrating “60ne” 2021

Goar emphasized the Azionaqua board and staff’s gratefulness to the Golf Club of Indiana (GCI) for its understanding and flexibility—being able to reschedule the club’s fundraiser event for a year and a month later than it was originally scheduled.

“We don’t know what it will look like [for certain] next year, but GCI was very gracious to move the date to Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021,” Goar said. “With regards to whether we are able to host a pool party this Fourth of July or not, that will depend on the governor’s ruling about the fifth and final stage.”

DeCoursey added, “We [Azionaqua] will be open for sure, but having a [holiday] celebration will be determined at the last minute.”

Goar and DeCoursey emphasized that members can check the website and follow the club’s social media for updates, but in the meantime, please be sure to save the date for the club’s anniversary extravaganza set for August of 2021.

Rediscovering a Long-Standing Zionsville Tradition

With most families looking for something healthy and social to do this summer—outside of their homes—DeCoursey cited that the club has seen an increase in attendance this summer as a result of the pandemic.

“Our attendance is much higher,” DeCoursey said. “Our average attendance is about 300–400 people on a ‘normal’ day, but we’ve had over 600 people try to reserve a spot at our pool. We are happy that our members are trusting us to be here.”

While many programs have been put on hold at Azionaqua for the safety of its members, DeCoursey emphasized that the programs that the club can offer, safely, it will continue to offer with the proper modifications, such as swim lessons, swim teams, diving and scuba camps, master swimmers and many more.

A 60-Year-Old Zionsville Tradition Continues in Spite of COVID-19

“We had several day camps and events planned for this summer,” DeCoursey stated. “But, it’s all right. We can do it next summer if we don’t get [the governor’s] permission to hold these after the Fourth [of July]. We are offering what we feel we can, safely.”

Goar added, “Additionally, we are offering Thursday night concerts on the lawn with music provided by local bands. There will also be food trucks and other concessions. This event is for free (with suggested donations of $5 individual/$20 per family).”

A 60-Year-Old Zionsville Tradition Continues in Spite of COVID-19

Donations Are Greatly Appreciated

While Azionaqua’s anniversary celebration and fundraising event has been pushed back a year, the needs of “sprucing up” the grounds and facilities cannot wait another year. While the club’s facilities are renowned for its impeccable cleanliness even prior to COVID-19, the facilities are six decades old and could use some updating as well as some love from its members.

“We have completed our Phase One spruce up this season,” Goar shared. “Thanks to our members that have donated to the spruce up, as well as Carlisle Roofing for a new roof, Trademark Surfaces for the new countertops and Moen Faucets. These are just to name a few donations we have received so far. To show our appreciation, we are currently preparing a donor wall to be on display in the lobby of the pool.”

For membership information, program information and updates from Azionaqua as they relate to the governor’s Stage Five recommendations, call (317) 873-3913 or visit azionaqua.org.