Appaloosa Crossing Is Making Progress as 2021 Winds Down

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October 2021

As previously reported by Zionsville Monthly, the Kite Harris Property Group is making progress on its latest mixed-use development—Appaloosa Crossing—located at the southeast corner of County Road 300 South and U.S. 421 (aka 146th Street and North Michigan Road).

A Recap of the Project

The 55 acres of former rural field now exhibit the development’s infrastructure and the first retail building (23,100 square feet) that is under construction. Appaloosa Crossing will soon offer a total of 264,000 square feet of retail and office space, restaurants and a gas station. Plans for a residential townhome component (units for sale, not for lease) of the development are currently under review and will be discussed during the town Plan Commission’s November meeting. Visit for date and time.

The architectural details and equestrian themes throughout the development have been carefully curated by the development group, Kite Harris Property Group, and the landowners, Harris Family Limited Partnership.

We spoke with Zionsville resident and developer/property manager Bob Harris about the details of the project and the benefits it will bring area residents as well as existing and new businesses that have committed to relocating to Appaloosa Crossing in 2022. Harris provided an update on who has committed—signed agreements/leases—already this quarter.

Appaloosa Crossing

Welcome Our New Businesses to Appaloosa Crossing

Fans of Mexican cuisine are in for a treat—Verde, Flavors of Mexico has signed a lease with Harris. This will make the fourth “Verde” location for the family-owned business.

“We are excited about Verde coming,” Harris expressed. “We also have a ma-and-pa, upscale coffee shop/bakery coming. It will be located on the north end of the building and will have a drive-thru window for convenience. The coffee shop/bakery will provide a variety of products including gluten-free options that are amazing. We have signed a lease with Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers. They’re going to offer an equestrian section so people can buy horse feed and horse-related products along with the normal array of pet food, pet supplies and pets.”

Harris mentioned that there is one more space available in this first retail building. And though he has had many offers to lease that space, he is holding out for a pizza operator.

“This space also has a pick-up window/area and is just under 2,500 square feet,” Harris stated. “I’d love to have a specialty pizza place there in that location.”

The building is separated by a drive-thru area for the businesses with drive-thru windows.

“On the south end of the building, we will have a dry cleaner [Classic Cleaners] with a drop-off/pick-up window, and then the next space is projected to be a dental office. We are still working through that right now. Verde has 4,000 square feet on the south endcap of that building. There will be a lot of parking in the front and additional parking in the back [of the retail building].”

Appaloosa Crossing Progress

Tentative Grand Openings

Just as folks have become accustomed to delays due to the pandemic, operators and property owners are becoming accustomed to delays brought on by the current supply chain issues that plague every industry.

“We are looking at March of 2022 as the tentative month for the first grand openings,” Harris shared. “The building will be mostly completed by the end of 2021, but depending on how much buildout each tenant will require, will depend on how soon they come online.”

Harris shared that what used to be a two- to three-week lead time for HVAC units is now taking 14 weeks.

“The supply chain issues have affected us to a point that we’re giving Verde extra time because of all the equipment they need to bring in and the interior design products from Mexico that they need,” Harris said. “The gas station is a local BP operator—his name is Paul Singh—and it’s under construction right now. It should come online early next year. And we’re really close on a purchase agreement with a large national bank. We are also working on closing with a national, high-end, full-service car wash that may take the out-lot just south of the gas station, right across from the main entrance on Michigan Road.”

Stay tuned for more updates as more tenants sign on and plans for additional components of Appaloosa Crossing become finalized.