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December 2019

It may be drab and dreary outside for the next few months, but don’t let the winter season keep you from transforming your home into a beautiful sanctuary that boasts color, pattern and personality!

Locally and family-owned, Adkins Draperies and Blinds is your solution to updating or personalizing your window coverings and home decor that reflects who you are and transforms any room into one that makes a statement.

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

Creating a style of your own with one-of-a-kind window coverings and/or treatments is much easier than you think, especially if you work with a team of quality experts like Adkins Draperies and Blinds.
Adkins owners and their professional staff offer the best possible results for your window treatments and the highest level of customer service, no matter the size of the project.

A Family-Owned and -Operated Business

An established and reputable name in the greater Indy area, Adkins Draperies and Blinds has been operating in the greater Indianapolis area for more than 40 years and has been owned and operated by the Miller family for 26 years in the Westfield area.

Co-owned by Frank Miller Jr. and his better half, Catherine, the business has adapted and evolved with changing styles and trends and the ebbs and flows of the economy, all the while growing their businesses and establishing their brand and reputation as one of the area’s most dependable and reputable companies in their industry.

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

“I’ve been here [Adkins] for 18 years, and Frank has been doing this practically his whole life,” Catherine shared. “We bought [the business] from his parents, so it’s been in the family for some time. Our focus has been and continues to be on providing our customers with what they want and with the best service possible. We work with our customers throughout the whole project so that we all end up on the same page.”

Enjoy Window Shopping at an Actual Storefront

Adkins Windows and Drapes offers free in-home consultations but is also one of the few companies that still offers a storefront experience where people can come in as walk-ins or by appointment, six days a week, and see, touch and explore the myriad of fabrics, products and accessories that Adkins has to offer.

“We are open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturday10 a.m. – 1 p.m., and are closed on Sundays,” Catherine said. “If I’m in here working early or late and somebody comes by, I tell them that as long as I’m in here, we’re open. We do offer a free ‘shop from home’ experience, but some people still like to come in [to our storefront] and see what’s new and look through our displays and samples. We have eight fabric vendors and use high-quality, well-known vendors such as Lafayette, Hunter and Graber, plus a few other brands that are either made locally, in the U.S. or in part U.S. and Mexico. We will also work with the customer if they are providing their own fabric and will measure the job and tell them how much fabric they will need.”

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

When you visit Adkin’s Draperies and Blinds storefront, you will see an array of styles and products and everything from traditional and classic looks to modern and contemporary and everything in between.

What’s Trending Today in Window Treatments?

According to Catherine, gray tones and neutral tones are still the top trending colors.

“Most people still do their draperies in neutral tones because they’re safe,” Catherine explained. “Most people want something that is going to last for 20 years or more and not something that they will need to trade out every five years. Some people can do that but not the average person, so most people choose something more neutral so that if they change anything in their room, it will work with the [window treatments] that they have.”

While motorized window treatments have been available for the better part of a decade, there has been a lot of advancements made in that technology as well as “smart technology” for window treatments that operate on app-based programs.

“You can control your blinds and window treatments at home or at your office through audio programs like Alexa,” Catherine shared. “You also have a remote control, but if you can’t find your remote, you can just use your phone or smart speaker system. I make sure to tell people that the warranty for these products is usually only five years, but if they want these options, they are available.”

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

Still one of the most popular options for blinds are the cordless blind systems.

“People want cordless because it reduces accidents, and if they don’t want to pay for cordless, most brands are made with retractable cords that tear away if a certain amount of weight pulls on it,” Catherine said. “They really have come a long way in child safety and UV protections with regards to window blinds. The honeycomb cellular shades—cell within a cell—are your best bet as far as UV protection, and there are UV protection solar screens also, but as long as you have something [on your windows], and don’t leave them open, then your carpet and furniture should be fine.”

Catherine pointed out that if you apply insulating window treatments to your entire home or office, you can reduce your heating and/or cooling bill to as much as 50% depending on the treatments.

“If you only do a window here or there, it will help with that particular room, but it’s not going to help the whole house or office,” Catherine stated. “If you install insulating blinds and/or thermal-lined drapes throughout the whole house or office, you will save on your HVAC costs throughout the summer and winter months. You are also seeing more people install solar screens like you see at a lot of restaurants.”

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

When asked if these were more difficult to maintain, Catherine emphasized, “Not really. You just run a vacuum over them a couple of times a year. With the wood blinds, you can use a sock to run over them and dust them off as needed. If you live out on a country road or in an area that creates a lot of dust, you can have your treatments ultrasonically cleaned every five years or so. The solar screens will reduce 99% of UV rays but you can still see out of them, so they don’t offer total privacy.”

Family-Owned Business versus Big-Box Stores

When asked if there was a significant difference in price between Adkins and a big-box store for custom window treatments, Catherine was quick to state, “There’s not much difference in price, but there is a difference in quality and the installation itself. Our products come with warranties, and we have our own installer, so if you call here with an issue, you’re going to be taken care of. Good luck trying to find the person who installed your treatments from a big-box store. Our products will last longer and will be installed correctly every time.”

The Installation Process

According to Catherine, the “average” job, once the initial consultation appointment has been made, will take four to six weeks for drapes and three to four weeks for blinds and shades.

“Sometimes it’s a little longer this time of year because everybody wants their projects completed in time to show them off during the holidays,” Catherine said. “Shutters—especially if they’re specialty shapes—can take a little bit longer and are usually eight to 10 weeks.”

Adkins Draperies and Blinds will service any areas within approximately an hour drive, although exceptions have been made for loyal and repeat customers.

“We try to stay within an hour driving radius,” Catherine said. “If it’s a repeat customer or good referral and they have their checkbooks ready, then I’m going for a drive. We’ve done jobs in Bloomington, Ohio, and even Chicago for repeat customers. We do not have a minimum for our jobs. We will work with one window or an entire house or office full of windows. We offer free installation of our window treatments and hardware, but we will not come out and install hardware only.”

Once a customer has made an appointment for Adkins to come out to their home or office, they can expect a visit within the next couple of days.

“We can usually get someone out there within a couple of days by the time they call, unless they have to have it Saturday and then it might be two weeks,” Catherine said. “And a consultation can be anywhere from an hour to a few hours, depending on the scope of work and how particular and knowledgeable the customer is about the products and styles they want.”

Ready to Invest in Your Home and Make a Statement?

Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your natural light or to close off your room from the sun, Adkins Draperies and Blinds have the options you’re looking for. Adkins’ extensive blind and shutter inventory invites you to find the perfect match for your home while staying within your budget. Adkins offers more than your basic window treatment services. They also provide draperies, cornice boards, valances, top treatments, coordinating bedspreads, pillows and cushions. Customers can select from a vast inventory of fabric vendors that truly offer something for everybody no matter how subtle or extravagant one’s personal taste is. Adkins also works with any level of budget so that everyone who wants to add some personality and protection to their home can do so—using quality products—without breaking the bank.

“Our customers are looking to stay in their homes for longer than five years and want to invest in their homes and add some of their personality to their decor,” Catherine said. “Our customers want quality treatments that are professionally and correctly installed and are products that are going to last.”

Adkins Draperies and Blinds

Get a new look that draws in guests and makes your home warm and inviting. Adkins’ professional team can assist with installation. Enhance your home with a simple upgrade that will last for years.

Follow Adkins Draperies and Blinds on Facebook and visit the website at adkinsdraperyshop.com/ for general information. Call Adkins direct at (317) 896-3833 to schedule your free at-home consultation or showroom appointment.

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