A Mardi Gras Pawty Benefiting Boone County’s Animals

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February 2020

Did you attend the Humane Society for Boone County’s (HSforBC) Fur Ball: A Mardi Gras Pawty to Change Their World? This annual event raises awareness and funds that are crucial to its operating budget and to its volunteer board and staff. This year’s event raised an impressive $45,282.00!

If you were unable to attend this year but would like to support HSforBC, you still can, and we will share with you how.

Why Is HSforBC an Important Organization to Our County?

HSforBC provides food, health care, vaccinations and spay and neuter services for all animals in its care. It is 100% volunteer operated and receives no tax dollars. In addition to its need of volunteers to help work at the shelter and to foster animals, there is a need for donations of requested items and monetary donations that will go toward the care of the animals and day-to-day operations of the shelter.

A Mardi Gras Pawty

Support From the Local Business Community Is Crucial

Susan Austin, director of animal welfare at HSforBC, expressed her sincere gratitude for all the support that HSforBC receives for Fur Ball and throughout the year from several area businesses, veterinarians and organizations in a variety of ways, including sponsorships, pro bono services and adoption opportunities.

“Zionsville Country Kennel has been a longtime naming sponsor,” Austin said. “We are really blessed to have their support. Since they are right next door, they [Zionsville Country Kennel] will have some of our kitties available to adopt in their lobby. It’s a great relationship.”

Austin also shared that Petco in Whitestown and Pet Valu in Boone Village both host cats and kittens for adoption on behalf of HSforBC.

“Both [the local] Pet Valu and Petco stores help us with adoptions,” Austin said. “The more we can have animals out in the public, the more chances they have of being seen and adopted into a forever home. We’re blessed to have volunteers who go into Petco—daily—and take care of our kitties. The staff at Pet Valu does that for us, but our volunteers do all of the meet and greets and facilitate the adoptions at both locations.”

Not Your Typical Fundraiser

For those who attended HSforBC’s Fur Ball: A Mardi Gras Pawty to Change Their World, they certainly experienced an atypical fundraiser that was nothing short of fun.

A Mardi Gras Pawty

“You see the grown-ups wearing their best masks for our contest and get to see who is named ‘King’ or ‘Queen,’” Austin proclaimed. “Our Mardi Gras King or Queen is somebody who we think is dynamic in the community and is supportive of [HSforBC]. This year, attendees heard some really precious stories from our volunteers on how being a HSforBC volunteer has impacted their lives.”

A Mardi Gras Pawty

The Fur Ball is held in The Cardinal Room at the Golf Club of Indiana—a longtime supporter of HSforBC. The food was catered by L.A. Cafe.

In addition to an impressive silent auction that is always stacked with unique and fun items, the live auction energizes the room as Boone County’s own Steve Cross kicks off a spirited auction, garnering every dollar he can for HSforBC.

For those who wish to support or volunteer at HSforBC, here are some ways you can help its efforts beyond the annual fundraiser:

  • Donate online at boonecountyhumane.org.
  • Become a valued volunteer––there are many volunteer opportunities available, including administrative tasks.
  • Donate needed items for the shelter: Clorox wipes, fragrance-free laundry detergent, cat/kitten food, dog/puppy food, cat litter (to view the complete “wish list,” visit HSforBC’s website).
  • Foster and/or adopt a cat or dog who desperately needs a loving forever home.

A Word From the Naming Sponsor

The naming sponsor of the annual Fur Ball, Zionsville Country Kennel, owned by Ron and Debbie “Deb” Douglas, is not only neighbor to HSforBC but is also a longtime supporter of the humane society and shelter.

Zionsville Country Kennel is a full-service kennel renowned for its quality boarding, training, grooming and Kennel Camp. Debbie Douglas shared why she thinks its important for the two entities to support one another for the benefit of Boone County’s animals who rely on humans for their survival and comfort.

“The Humane Society is our next-door neighbor, and I think it’s important to promote them,” Douglas said. “Our sign out in front of our kennel says, ‘For the love of dogs.’ All of my pets [three dogs and six cats] were abandoned animals, and everybody who works here and anyone who is associated with us has pets, so I think it’s a natural partnership that we have with [HSforBC]. Just from being in close proximity to one another, oftentimes people who adopt from HSforBC will come here and board. We take all kinds of dogs, and because of our indoor and outdoor runs, we can work with dogs that have some issues such as high energy and anxiety. We have so much outdoor space, and just like kids, when animals get a lot of fresh air and exercise, it helps alleviate stress, tires the animals out, and they eat and sleep better.”

For more information on Zionsville Country Kennel, visit zionsvillekennel.com.