Read About Zionsville A Retrospective of the past, present and future.

A Small Town Growing:

January 2018   Writer // Janelle Morrison                           Photography // Submitted and JJ Kaplan The town of Zionsville has seen many monumental changes over the last two decades, including a growing population and an expanded footprint. […]

kids mentoring Zionsville IN

Merging Together for the Benefit of Boone County

October 2017 Writer // Janelle Morrison Photography // Submitted The Boone County Mentoring Partnership (BCMP) board and the Boone County Youth Assistance Program (YAP) board have voted to merge under one organizational umbrella and leadership. […]

Being in the Business of Beans

July 2017 Writer / Janelle Morrison Photos /JJ Kaplan and Casey Cronin Native Hoosiers and anyone who is from the region may easily recognize the classic Hurst Beans logos and have most likely enjoyed a […]

On Point and Moving

March 2017 Ahead Writer / Janelle Morrison The Local Economy “We’ve got one month of revenue in from the public safety tax, the LIT funding [local income tax], and that is really going to change […]