The Next Generation of Cycling Introducing e-Boom Electric Bicycles

Coming soon: electric bikes (eBikes), which will be available at the area’s newest locally-owned retailer, e-Boom Electric Bikes store and service center.

April 2017

Writer / Janelle Morrison

Store Address:
6659 Whitestown Parkway, Zionsville, IN 46077 (next to El Rodeo and near Lowe’s)

Contact Info:
email: mobile: 317-250-0824

With a rapid trend toward bicycle-friendly communities and active lifestyles, eBike manufacturers are answering the demand for a fun, alternative mode of transportation.

Owner and bike enthusiast, Lee Ann McKay, is gearing up for the store’s grand opening slated for the end of this month. While the eBike is a popular style of bike throughout Europe and Asia, the trend is just beginning to take off in the U.S. There are two modes of electric bikes that are currently available in this country.

The throttle mode is similar to how a scooter operates. When the throttle is engaged, the motor provides power to the bike and propels the rider forward. The rider can choose to pedal or allow the motor to do all the work. There are different throttle types (twist grip, thumb, and push button). The second is the pedal-assist mode that generates power only when the rider is pedaling. The different pedal-assist types include the torque sensor and cadence sensor. Some pedal-assist bikes also have a throttle as well. Potential owners should try the different modes and types to see which is most comfortable and natural.

“We will be selling eBikes that go up to 750 watts,” McKay said. “The lithium batteries are encased and protected from water and mud. Some are enclosed inside the tube of the frame. The battery feeds into a small motor that is mounted onto the back wheel or inside the pedal crank where it cannot be seen. The monitors on the eBike tell the rider how fast they are going, how much battery power they have, and how many miles they have gone. When looking at an eBike, it is hard to realize that it is an electric bike because they are sleek and cool looking. manufacturers have come a long way with how they present them. Our batteries are designed/manufactured by Bosch and Yamaha. They are outfitted with smart checks in place and have safety measures to prevent the batteries from over-heating.”

e-Boom Electric Bikes will offer a variety of styles, brands, and prices to appeal to all ages and skill levels. A cool starter e-bike is available for $999 and other models will range from $2,500 for the novice or casual rider, up to $4,500 for those who want a lot of power and who will be riding for long periods of time in various weather conditions.

Typically, an eBike can go approximately 40 miles before having to recharge. The time between charges depends on terrain and the weight of the rider. The eBike motor is regulated at 20 mph in the U.S. The rider can go as fast as he/she wants on the eBike, but the motor won’t kick in if he/she is going 20 mph or more. McKay mentioned that most manufacturers offer a 24-month warranty. She recommends servicing the bike once a year or before and after the season for more advanced riders.

“We will be opening at the end of April,” McKay stated. “If people are looking for a fun workout or another way to commute to work, and not have to shower and redress at work, the eBike allows them an enjoyable, ride without over-exertion. Riders can enjoy a casual pace and then can kick the motor in when they need to pick up the pace and let the bike do the work. The eBikes are ideal for anyone who enjoys riding a bike and are becoming a popular mode of transportation. The eBikes even have cool accessories like baskets for computers, etc., and charging mounts for smartphones and other accessories that are powered by the batteries. There are fenders on the wheels to keep mud and water from slinging up and getting on the
rider’s clothes.”

Although the e-Boom Electric Bike store will have an online store, McKay strongly suggests scheduling a free-demo on the convenient trails located behind the storefront. The store will offer a full-service maintenance center for all types of bikes and sell manual children’s bikes. McKay will be organizing social rides, safety lessons for children, and other group rides through the neighboring housing additions to promote safe and healthy riding. The store will also sell fun, sporty, and comfortable bike attire. The store will offer a full-
service maintenance center for all types of bikes and sell manual children’s bikes

The grand opening will be a fun and festive weekend. Activities for kids, including face painting and refreshments, will be offered along with other assorted goodies and free demos on the eBikes. For more information about e-Boom Electric Bikes and for the official grand opening weekend details visit the website and social media updates:

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