It’s All Fur the Animals

It's a party and It’s All Fur the Animals

February 2018


Writer // Janelle Morrison                                       Photography // JJ Kaplan

Last year, the Humane Society for Boone County (HS for BC) announced that it had a physical shelter to serve the animals of Boone County. The shelter was formerly home to Zionsville Country Vet Clinic. The HS for BC shelter will officially open after the interior remodeling is completed. Located in Whitestown, Indiana, the building boasts 7,000 sq. ft. The funds that were raised during last year’s annual fundraiser, in addition to donated labor and supplies, are making it possible for the shelter to open its doors and better serve the homeless domesticated animals of Boone County. However, the needs are immense, and the work has only just begun.

Join the party and It’s All Fur the AnimalsSusan Austin, president at HS for BC, is not only excited for the upcoming annual fundraiser, “Fur Ball: A Mardi Gras Pawty to Change Their World” coming up later this month, but she is also excited for the completion of the renovations and opportunities that are forthcoming.

“We’re excited because we have all of the building permits and are reconfiguring the inside, so we can house more dogs,” Austin said. “We’ve been meeting with the general contractor, and we have a lot of donated labor and resources that will allow us to get that done. We have plenty of space for the cats, including a community room for the more social cats.”

Austin emphasized it is always best to have the animals come in, receive vaccinations and then go to a foster home. “We will always use and encourage foster homes,” Austin said. “Being in a foster home really brings out the personality of the animal. In addition to the volunteers that we need onsite for caring for the animals, we need more foster homes. For those who are interested in fostering animals, we provide the food, the cat litter, the leash and collar, and [we] loan crates when they are needed. We take care of the vaccinations as well. All that we ask is that one treats the animal as though it were their very own. We don’t require fenced-in yards. We just ask that you take the dog out on a leash for a walk, so it is getting the proper exercise.”

Austin added that people who foster need to be responsive to adoption inquiries and to be able to attend adoption events put on by HS for BC.

In addition to the litany of volunteer opportunities that are available to anyone with any skill who wants to get involved with HS for BC, Austin stressed they are always grateful to accept food and supply donations for the “Pet Pantry” that serves people who are in need of food donations while going through a difficult time.

“The last thing we want is for any animal to have to leave its home because the owner(s) are unable to provide for food,” Austin said. “Everybody falls on hard times sometimes. We can help provide food donations and even deliver it if that is a need. What is donated to us should be given right back to the community. Helping animals in need is our mission. HS for BC is more than just picking up and housing animals. It’s about education, outreach programs and providing services, as we can, and partnering to help people get access to services that we can’t offer.”

Tickets are still available for this year’s annual Fur Ball: A Mardi Gras Pawty to Change Their World. Zionsville Country Kennel is the event sponsor, and Pulte Homes is sponsoring the photo booth. In addition to the event’s other incredible sponsors, Patty Spitler with Pet Pals T.V. will be the keynote speaker this year.

Guests of the event, which takes place Saturday, February 17 at the Cardinal Room at the Gold Club of Indiana, will enjoy silent and live auctions, Best Jester Hat contest and a cash bar. The attire is casual, and tickets may be purchased by phone at 877-HSforBC or by email at Tickets are $50 per person and $475 for a table of 10. All proceeds go toward helping the animals.

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