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Edwards Realty Group

February 2018

Writer // Janelle Morrison                       Photography // JJ Kaplan

One of the first things you may find out when you meet Robbin Edwards, Jane Louiso and Beth Greeson, the members of the Edwards Realty Group, is they are all mothers who live in Zionsville. What you might not learn immediately is that because of their unique backgrounds, they can offer their real estate clients a variety of skills and immense knowledge about life in Zionsville. As agents, residents of Zionsville and moms, they understand the importance of choosing the right home in the right community as well as the stress that comes along with buying or selling a home.

Edwards Realty Group“Collectively, from all of the professions that we’ve been involved in pre-real estate, we have skills that add value and complement the real estate process,” Edwards said. “Whether it’s in the areas of education, graphic design [and] photography [or] staging and real estate, all of those skills put together make us a unique and strong group. Together, we’re a vast wealth of knowledge and resources for our clients.”

When you need expert real estate services, Edwards Realty Group offers expertise, professionalism and commitment to serving their clients before, during and beyond the closing of the sale. The Group keeps a pulse on the latest trends in the marketplace and can place you in the right home in the best community for your specific stage in life. This group makes customer service a priority and prides themselves on their commitment to provide the best service to their clients.

“We’re at the age where we’re seeing our friends who are downsizing, empty nesters who can’t get out of their big houses fast enough,” Edwards stated. “We also have friends whose kids are graduating from college, have been in the workplace for a year or two and are looking to be first-time homebuyers. Our clientele is diverse because of where we are in our lives and what we can offer our clients on both ends of the spectrum.”

All three agents are residents of Zionsville and have children who are attending or have graduated from Zionsville Community Schools. Therefore, they’re “moms who get it.”

Edwards attended Indiana University and taught high school English. She and her husband have lived in Zionsville for 25 years with their four children.

Louiso has lived in Zionsville with her husband and children since 2006. She has a strong background in real estate, rehabbing, renting and selling properties in and around Indianapolis. During the economic downturn, Louiso picked up on a movement that was growing on both the East and West Coasts and began professionally staging homes, which was just beginning to pick up steam in the Midwest during that time.

The third member of the Edwards Realty Group, Greeson graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Marketing and Art. She has extensive knowledge of interior design and worked as an interior designer in the commercial design industry prior to becoming an agent. She and her husband live in Zionsville with their children and are active members of Traders Point Christian Church.

“I decided to get into real estate because we own a lake house in Columbus on Grandview Lake and have been watching the market down there,” Greeson said. “It’s been an active market with people relocating on the lake and because of people who are trying to get in on the lake.”

The Edwards Realty Group works with a variety of buyers as well as sellers. The agents work with people who are locating from out of state and/or town and clients who are either upsizing or downsizing depending on what stage of life they are in.

One thing the agents have in common is a belief that the local Zionsville market remains desirable due to the exceptional school district and the amenities that the town offers to people of all ages, especially because of its accessibility to the airport, downtown Indianapolis and its quick access to the major highways and interstates.

“I think Zionsville has a different vibe to it,” Louiso said. “It is still considered a small community and is still very family-friendly. The local schools are still a big draw. Zionsville schools are outstanding and still smaller than those districts in surrounding communities.”

Greeson added, “There are a lot of new things happening in Zionsville and more businesses relocating to Zionsville, which creates more job opportunities. We are seeing a lot of people relocating to Zionsville because of those opportunities.”

With the upcoming spring season not far away, the group anticipates a strong “sellers’ market,” much like last spring. They are also expecting a similar balance of clients who are looking to move up as well as those who are looking to downsize but remain close to their families who also live nearby.

If you’re at a point that you are downsizing or relocating, Edwards, Louiso and Greeson from the Edwards Realty Group have the combined knowledge and skills to price and sell your home accordingly.

The group’s level of commitment to their clients goes beyond the closing of the sale or purchase of the home itself. Edwards Realty Group is happy to help newcomers to Zionsville become acclimated and is happy to refer their clients to doctors, coaches, programs for children at all ages and any other service or program that is of interest to their clients. Who better to ask for recommendations than a team with diverse skills who knows the community intimately well because they are part of that community?


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