A New Chapter Begins at Zionsville Public Library

A New Chapter Begins at Zionsville Public Library
Zionsville Public Library unveils new logo and website.

December 2017


Writer // Janelle Morrison             Photography // Submitted

With the introduction of new technologies, the institution of a public library is always evolving, not only in the services it offers to members but its accessibility and sometimes its brand.

The Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library recently introduced the community to their new, modernized brand and website during a day-long celebration December 2. Visitors were treated to family-friendly events and library swag featuring the new, contemporary logo.

The newly-unveiled logo was designed to reflect the changing times while holding on to the library’s heritage in the Zionsville community. The logo was developed in-house by library staff and designed to suggest recognizable aspects of Zionsville and the library. Three colored blocks comprise the symbol and represent bricks, books, mobile devices and a neighborhood within their shapes and colors (terra cotta orange, fresh green and digital blue). Bricks, which comprise Zionsville’s Main Street and the library building, are also the shape of a book sitting on a shelf, so they fit into the design naturally. By including negative space between the blocks that reflected both community streets and the library’s initials, the logo design emphasizes the library’s connection to the community.

The event was the culmination of a year-long process that began with the completion of a new three-year strategic plan finalized by the Library Board of Trustees. Priorities included providing high-quality content and services for the community, while also maximizing awareness and use of existing services. To help realize these goals, a new, improved website was envisioned that would allow the community to freely connect with the library, its staff and all of the services offered.

Staff began the process by seeking the wants and needs of Zionsville residents through a survey. Data collected was used to help design the website and prioritize features, such as the “My Account” button on the top of the homepage. “Customers let us know they wanted to be able to log into their library account quickly and easily,” said Marketing Director Virginia Hilbert.

Designed to invite exploration and provide easy access to library materials and services, the site is rich with information. “Zionsville residents with an active library card may now jump on our website to learn a new language, complete a career-enhancing business course, conduct research or reserve a study room or meeting space,” said Interim Director Mary Rueff. These services are available 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. In addition, they may be accessed from the library’s homepage along with a new tutorial feature, which allows visitors to learn how to use several online services including OverDrive, Freegal Music and Facebook.

Rueff continued, “Our customers don’t have to always come to this building to access some of the services that we have. Another one of our goals was to not only take the library physically out of the building but digitally as well, so people can access what we have to offer in a variety of ways.” Shaped by Iconic Digital Marketing, a web design and marketing firm based in Hamilton County, the site is mobile responsive and centered around the Zionsville community. Local residents and library visitors are featured in many of the photos used on the site and in library promotional materials.

“We serve a remarkable community and are privileged to have a group of patrons who volunteered to help,” said Hilbert. “The amazing photos on our website are the result of this collaboration and beautifully illustrate the unique services offered by the library.”

The library has maintained the same logo for nearly 20 years, so the redesign was carefully considered before the project began. Enhancing its connection to the community is at the core of the library’s mission statement: Satisfy curiosity ▪ Nurture reading ▪ Build connections. It was also the inspiration behind the new contemporary logo and tagline.

“Our new tagline, Connecting Zionsville ▪ Discoveries Await, is a direct reflection of our mission statement and the passion that drives our staff to provide exceptional customer service,” said Hilbert. “It is amazing to me what a deep connection our customers have with this library and how much they value the services that we provide. We want to increase awareness throughout the community about the services that are free, right here at the library. All a person needs is a library card. Putting that goal into the strategic plan allowed us to put our services at the forefront of our web design. We want to make sure that all of our services are apparent and easy to access.”

Through the process of modernizing the library and its brand, Hilbert noted that the staff and board members have found to way to create a more personal connection with their customers amidst the ongoing digital revolution.

For more information about the library or to view the library’s new website, visit zionsvillelibrary.org. You can also drop by 250 N. Fifth St. in Zionsville or call 317-873-3149.